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Applying to the BA (Co-op)

An Investment in the Future

The fee for participating in the BA (Co-op) programme is presently set at $400 per annum. There may be a slight increase to this fee for the 2004-2005 school year. This fee is not tuition; it is a programme fee used to partially offset the costs of administering the programme and providing support and extracurricular training. The fee should be viewed as a career investment since students develop skills and gain experience for a life time.

Applying for Admission to Co-op

Once accepted to the Bachelor of Arts programme, a student may apply to undertake the co-op option. To do so, a student must complete and return the BA Co-operative Education application form. Note: Application deadline has been extended. Applications can be faxed to 506-452-0617. Acceptance to the programme is carried out over two stages. Candidates are assessed on a combination of academic standing, commitment to personal and career development, and volunteer, community, or extracurricular involvement. If accepted through this first screening, the student will enroll in the first-year co-op course, COOP1003: Experiential Learning (Semester 1). If, at the end of the first term, a student wishes to continue taking the co-op option, he or she will complete a second and final application for formal acceptance to the programme. In January of the first year of study, potential co-op students will take 10 hours of job search methods training. Performance and commitment to this training, in conjunction with the second application, will determine if a student is suited to participate in the BA (Co-op) Programme. A final decision on acceptance will be rendered in the first week of February.

You will need the free program 'Adobe Acrobat' in order to view and print the form. If you do not have this program, please download and install it by clicking the graphic below. Once the program is installed, continue to download the Admission Form.

Please click here for an application form.