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Arts and Co-op–A Unique Approach

St. Thomas pioneered the first BA (Co-op) in the Atlantic provinces and it continues to be one of the few universities in the region to offer this option. Unlike traditional co-op programmes, the BA (Co-op) programme is designed specifically for liberal arts students. In an innovative, non-discipline-specific fashion, the programme prepares arts students for the critical role they will play in the workforce upon graduation.

The Point of Co-op Arts

Arts graduates have an educational background which prepares them for a broad range of careers. Considering the breadth of career possibilities, Arts students may benefit from the opportunity to develop focus and direction. The BA (Co-op) programme helps with this career exploration. BA (Co-op) students develop career plans with an understanding of how their arts education applies to their career. Coupled with the work experience gained while in the programme, the students’ education and the programme’s guidance prepare students for employment success.