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Subject Areas

Courses in the Economics Programme are organized into the following subject areas:

Introduction to Economics
ECON 1006 Introduction to Economics
ECON 1013 Introduction to Economics (Micro)
ECON 1023 Introduction to Economics (Macro)

Approaches to Economic Analysis
ECON 2103 Microeconomic Theory I
ECON 2113 Macroeconomic Theory I
ECON 3133 Microeconomic Theory II
ECON 3143 Macroeconomic Theory II
ECON 2153 Political Economy
ECON 2123 Quantitative Methods I
ECON 3163 Quantitative Methods II
ECON 3173 History of Economic Thought
ECON 4183 Econometrics I
ECON 4193 Econometrics II
ECON 4106 Mathematical Economics

Political Economy

ECON 2153 Political Economy
ECON 2203 Community Economic Development
ECON 2213 Contemporary Economic Issues
ECON 2223 Political Economy of Women: Selected Topics
ECON 2423 Political Economy of Crime
ECON 3233 Marxian Economics
Note: Many courses in International Economy and Canadian Institutions and Policy also include a political economy perspective.

International Economy
ECON 2303 Women in the Third World
ECON 2313 Multinational Corporations and Trade
ECON 3323 Environmental Economics
ECON 3333 Perspectives on Underdevelopment
ECON 3343 Banking and International Finance

Canadian Institutions and Policy

ECON 2403 Economics of Poverty
ECON 3433 Economics of Government
ECON 3443 New Brunswick Economy
ECON 3453 Labour Economics

Special Studies
ECON 4506 Work-Study Project
ECON 4546 Honours Thesis
ECON 4533 Honours Research Project
ECON 4513 Independent Study
ECON 4523 Independent Study

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