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Department of Economics

In addition to mainstream Economics, the Economics Programme at St. Thomas explores the interdisciplinary connections of Economics through a political economy approach. The Department of Economics offers (1) a Major in economics, (2) a Major in Economics with a business option, (3) Honours in Economics, (4) Honours in Political Economy, and (5) a Minor in Economics, as well as a variety of general interest courses.

Courses are offered at three levels: introductory, intermediate, and advanced. The introductory
level, ECON 1006, is a general interest course; this is a normal prerequisite for further studies in economics. ECON 1006 is also available in two one-semester courses, ECON 1013 and ECON 1023. Credit will not be granted for both ECON 1013 and/or ECON 1023 and ECON 1006.

The Department of Economics offers a number of courses (including interdisciplinary courses) of general interest, as well as courses in economic analysis for those concentrating in economics.
Courses for general interest students include:

ECON 2203 Community Economic Development
ECON 2213 Contemporary Economic Issues
ECON 2223 Political Economy of Women: Selected Topics
ECON 2303 Women in the Third World
ECON 2313 Multinational Corporations and Trade
ECON 2403 Economics of Poverty
ECON 2423 Political Economy of Crime
ECON 3233 Marxian Economics
ECON 3323 Environmental Economics
ECON 3333 Perspectives on Underdevelopment

ECON 1006 or ECON 1013 & 1023, or the permission of the instructor, is the only prerequisite for these courses.

At the advanced level, courses in the 3000 series are intended for students with a good
background in economics, and courses in the 4000 series are reserved for advanced
majors and Honours students.

Please note that students who enrol in Honours economics, and majors who opt to take
ECON 4106, will require first-year university mathematics. These students are strongly
encouraged to take MATH 1013 & 1023 in their first or second year. In addition, students
planning to pursue graduate studies in economics after their BA are strongly recommended
to complete courses in Linear Algebra and Intermediate Mathematics, preferably prior
to taking ECON 4106.