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Good teachers can change people's lives. They're leaders and mentors. They challenge and inspire. They help us to discover how we can strive to become the best we can be. St. Thomas University's bachelor of education degree programme will help you become that kind of teacher.

A post-baccalaureate programme, it builds on your first degree by combining extensive practical experience with professional courses. We'll help you to explore cooperative learning and to experience what it's like to work as a member of a team. And we'll introduce you to a variety of teaching techniques that you'll be able to draw on to enrich the learning experience of the next generation of students.

An eleven-month programme, the St. Thomas BEd is intensive and fast-paced. Graduates complete the same number of courses and qualify for the same certification as those who complete two-year programmes elsewhere. Our BEd allows you to concentrate in one of three areas: elementary (K-6), secondary (6-12) or French second-language teaching.