English 1006M--Introduction to Literature

T and Th 4- 5:20 pm

This section of English 1006 is fairly traditional in content and format. Through close study of a variety of texts the implications of genre, form, convention, language and tradition will be explored.

The course is designed to enhance students' abilities in reading, analyzing and writing. The format is a combination of lecture and in-class work, some of that individual and some done in groups. The course grade will be derived from a series of written assignments each worth 10- 15% and from examinations at the end of each term. In the interests of learning to write with ease, you may re-write any of the assignments (and have the revised grade count). I am seeking engagement not perfection.

Regular class attendance is assumed. Frequent and unexplained absences can earn you a failing grade.

The text we are using is interactive and its structure will be ours as the year proceeds. We will move from looking at short fiction to working with poetry and then drama. Included will be attention to literary and figurative devices and to various critical approaches to literature (various modes of interpreting it).

TEXT: You must have this text.

Literature and the Writing Process (Canadian ed.) McMahan, Elizabeth et al, eds, Pearson, 2002.