English 2006B--The Study of Literature

TTh 1-12:20pm
Sr. Ella Allen

This is a survey course in which close attention is paid to a limited number of texts. The course is designed to give students familiarity with several literary genres and to enable students to appreciate the works examined in relation to the historical, social and philosophical milieu which informs each. Attention will be given to the use of genre and to various literary devices. The overall aim is to give students ease in literary analysis, in the critical evaluation of texts.

Authors to be considered include Blake, Shelley, Keats, Browning, Conrad, Hardy, Hopkins, Joyce, Lawrence, Eliot, Beckett and Findley.


Abrams, M.H. and Stephen Greenblatt (eds), The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Major Authors, Volume B
Findley, Timothy Headhunter, Harper Perennial


o Romantic poetry - Blake, Shelley, Keats essay - 10%
o Joyce, The Dead essay - 10%
o Hardy and Hopkins, poetry
o Browning - dramatic monologue
o Conrad, Heart of Darkness essay - 10% ***You will choose 2 of 3 topics to write on in first term.***
o Christmas exam 10%
o Findley, Headhunter
o Lawrence, DH - poetry
o Beckett, Endgame essays: 2, one 10%, one 20% (one reflective, one research)
o Eliot, poetry
o Final examination 40%

I interpret your enrollment in this course as a sign of your intention to do assigned readings, to attend class regularly and to participate actively. Frequent and unexplained absences can earn a failing grade. And since the aim of writing essays is to learn to express yourself effectively rather that to write the perfect paper the first time, you are welcome to rewrite any paper.