Humanities 1003 ES -- Introduction to University Studies Course Syllabus

Professor Alan Bourassa
Office: Edmund Casey Hall (ECH) 121
MWF - 1:30-3:00
Office Hours: TTH 10:00-11:30

The purpose of this course is to assist students in making the intellectual and personal transition to university.

The goals of the course are the following:

- Understanding the purposes and importance of higher education
- Involving students in the university community
- Providing students with the academic skills that will enable them to succeed at university

One of the central ideas behind the design of Humanities 1003 is that academic skills cannot be learned in the abstract. Skills are acquired for some purpose. With this in mind, Humanities was designed to teach students academic skills in the context of studying important texts chosen from the broad domain of the humanities. This integrated approach to studying a text and learning the skills involved in serious scholarly study and good writing is the central theme of the course.

We will spend the semester looking in depth at two of the most important thinkers in Western philosophy: Plato and Aristotle, focusing especially on their ethical thinking. We will learn how to write summaries, do oral presentations, write and revise academic papers, and engage in class discussions and group work.

Reading List

The Trial and Death of Socrates*- Plato
*(this book includes the dialogues "Euthyphro", "Crito", and "Apology")
Nicomachean Ethics -- Aristotle

WEEK 1 Sept. 7-9 Introduction
WEEK 2 Sept. 12-16 Euthyphro
WEEK 3 Sept 19-23 Euthyphro
WEEK 4 Sept. 26-30 Apology
WEEK 5 Oct. 3-7 Apology
WEEK 6 10-14 Apology
Monday Oct 10 - No Classes Thanksgiving
WEEK 7 Oct. 17-21 Crito
Paper 1 Due (Plato)
WEEK 8 Oct. 24-28 Crito
WEEK 9 Oct. 31-Nov. 4 Nicomachean Ethics -- Aristotle
WEEK 10 Nov. 7-11 Nicomachean Ethics -- Aristotle
Friday Nov. 11 - No Classes Remembrance Day
WEEK 11 Nov. 14-18 Nicomachean Ethics -- Aristotle
WEEK 12 Nov. 21-25 Nicomachean Ethics -- Aristotle
Paper 2 Due (Aristotle)
WEEK 13 Nov. 28-Dec. 2 Final Exam Prep
Exam Date: Wednesday, Dec. 7 2:00 PM


(4) Quizzes 10%
In-Class Writing assignments 20%
Paper 1 10%
Paper 2 20%
Oral presentation 10%
Participation 10%
Final Exam 20%