AQ-3326 - 17th Century Literature

Instructor: Christine Cornell
Office: Holy Cross House 215
Telephone: 452-0483
Office Hours: MW 1:30-2:30 pm

Course Description:

This course is part of the Aquinas Programme section Reason and Rebellion. It is open to all students beyond the first year who have the specific prerequisites for the constituent courses. Students who wish to take any of the three courses in the section must take all three.

The theme of this course will be the exploration of ideas concerning human passions and reason and the relationship of these ideas to rebellion, the family, God, monarchy, and democracy. We will consider such topics as when rebellion is reasonable and justifiable, and the differences between rebellion and revolution.

Valued at 12 credit hours, Reason and Rebellion will be offered over both terms, with 6 credit hours in each term and will include the following 3 courses:

English 3326 Seventeenth-Century Literature (6ch)
Philosophy 3423 Reason and Religion (3ch)
Political Science 3823 Modern Natural Right (3ch)