ENGL 2006-Introduction to the Study of Literature
Dr. Dennis Desroches, EC 116, Phone: 460-0364, Office: T/Th, 2:00-3:45


Students will be introduced to the major literary figures of England from Medieval times to the present. The texts we will be reading have traditionally been known as the literary "canon," but part of our approach to these texts will be meant to challenge staid notions of canonicity. We shall also explore the changing shape of narrative and poetic convention through literary history, dwelling especially on how our reading practices shape, but are also shaped by, the literary texts we read. We shall give special attention throughout this course to the question of "meaning production," that is, to the question of how and why a text can both mean what it means, and say more than it means. Specific emphasis will also be placed on critical, reflective analysis, as well as on writing skills. Some time will also be devoted to developing library skills.

Required Texts
The Norton Anthology of English Literature-Major Authors, Seventh Edition
As You Like It, Shakespeare
Joseph Andrews, Henry Fielding
The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde
The Country Wife, William Wycherley

Attendance and Punctuality
My exam for this course has, in previous years, been a real killer-but only to those students who have failed to do the reading, and failed to attend classes. It behooves you, then, to make attendance in this class a very high priority. You are permitted 8 absences for the year, no questions asked. Subsequent absences, explicable or not, will produce a 0 for your participation grade. Furthermore, upon reaching a total of 10 absences for the course, you will forfeit the pleasure of writing the final exam. Do talk to me if you have any questions about this policy. Punctuality is also a necessity for my course-if you think that you may have a hard time making it to class on time, please talk to me in advance. Being late for class by more than 2 minutes will count as an absence, so be punctual!

Lateness Policy
The equivalent of 3 percentage points per day will be deducted from any late assignments, for up to a total of seven days (weekends count!). After seven days, I will not accept the assignment. Talk to me concerning medical, compassionate, or other exceptions to this policy. Essays will take a minimum of three weeks to be returned.

Should you undertake to plagiarize an essay, your punishment will be most dire. For the many and varied ways in which you will be disciplined, please consult the STU 2004-2005 Calendar, pages 244-246. Please do not hesitate to talk to me if you have any questions regarding plagiarism, or the various forms of punishment attendant thereupon.

Mark Distribution:
In-class essays (Term 1&2): 5% and 10% respectively
Essays #1 and #2 (Term 1&2): 15% and 25% respectively
Final Exam (Term 2): 35%
Participation: 10%

Provisional Reading Schedule-Term 1


9. Introduction
14. Chaucer-General Prologue
16. Chaucer-General Prologue
21. The Pardoner's Prologue and Tale
23. Spenser-The Faerie Queene, Book 1
28. Spenser-The Faerie Queene, Book 1
30. Sidney-Astrophil and Stella (selections)


5. Shakespeare-As You Like It
7. Shakespeare-As You Like It
12. Essay writing/grammar review
21. Wroth-Pamphilia to Amphilanthus
26. Donne-Selected Poetry
28. Donne-Selected Poetry


2. Behn--Ooronoko
4. Behn--Ooronoko
9. Milton-Paradise Lost
16. Milton-Paradise Lost
18. Pope-The Rape of the Lock; ESSAY #1 DUE
23. Pope-The Rape of the Lock
25. Wycherley-The Country Wife
30. Wycherley-The Country Wife

2. Wrap-up

Provisional Reading Schedule-Term 2


4. Swift-Gulliver's Travels
6. Swift-Gulliver's Travels
11. Swift-Gulliver's Travels
13. Fielding-Joseph Andrews
18. Fielding-Joseph Andrews
20. Fielding-Joseph Andrews
27. Library Presentation/ Research


1. Wordsworth-Tintern Abbey
3. Wordsworth-Tintern Abbey
8. Wordsworth-The Prelude (selections)
10. Shelley-Selected poetry
15. Shelley-Selected poetry
17. Keats-Selected poetry
22. Keats-Selected poetry
24. Keats-Selected poetry


1. R. Browning-Selected poetry
3. E.B. Browing-Selected poetry
15. Wilde-The Picture of Dorian Gray
17. Wilde-The Picture of Dorian Gray
22. Wilde-The Picture of Dorian Gray-ESSAY #2 DUE
24. T.S Eliot-Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
29. Yeats-Selected Poetry
31. Thomas-Selected Poetry

5. Joyce-The Dead
7. review
13-20-Final Exam (Date and Time TBA)