The Literature of Politics
English 3623

This course is a survey of the literary treatment of political themes, from classical times to the present, in fiction, drama, poetry, essay and film. Among the various themes to be explored are the conflict between the family and the state; nationalism, imperialism, totalitarianism, Marxism, feminism, the post-colonial world, and the relationship between the artist and politics.

Required Texts:
Joseph Conrad
Primo Levi
Bertolt Brecht
Graham Greene
Bernhard Schlink
David Hare
Tom Paulin
The Heart of Darkness
The Reawakening
The Quiet American

The Reader
The Faber Book of Political Verse

Selected Films will also be examined in this course: The Third Man, Catch 22, Plenty, Miller's Crossing, Henry V (Branagh), Antonia's Line.

Prerequisites: Completed first year or passed English 1-200.

Method: Mainly lecture, question and answer.


Two papers (40%)
Class mark (10%)
Final exam (50%)

Secondary Sources:  
Wyndham Lewis The Lion and the Fox: a study of Shakespeare's Politics, The Revenge for Love
George Steiner No Passion Spent
Christopher Hitchens Blood Class and Nostalgia
Henry Thoreau Walden's Pond
Alexis de Tocqueville Democracy in America
Aldous Huxley Brave New World
George Orwell Collected Essays, Letters and Journalism
Terry Eagleton The Eagleton Reader
Charles Olson Ezra Pound at St. Elizabeth's
John Harrison The Reactionaries
Robert Hughes The Culture of Complaint
The Fatal Shore
Tom Nairn After Britain
Patricia Nelson Limerick The Legacy of Conquest
Something in the Soil
Mordecai Richler Oh Canada! Oh Quebec!
Chinua Achebe Hopes and Impediments: Selected Essays( contains the attack on Conrad)
Raymond Williams The Country and the City
Seamus Deane The Irish Literary Revival
Tom Paulin Ireland and the English Question
Garcia Marquez Collected Stories
Fritz Fanon The Wretched of the Earth
Bruce Chatwin The Songlines
Clive James Fame in the Twentieth Century
Edward Said Orientalism
Culture and Imperialism
Gore Vidal The United States
Salman Rushdie Imaginary Homelands
Nell McCafferty Goodnight Sisters

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