ENGL-4976-A1 Seminar: Modern Literature
1:00PM - 2:20PM TTH

Professor Stewart Donovan

Students are responsible for two seminars each semester one individual, one collaborative (3 per group, depending on class size). Seminars will be 20 minute presentations with ten minutes for questions. Students are responsible for oral and written presentations, the written components (no more than 2000 words) will be handed in at the end of each semester. Individual seminars will begin the first week of October; group seminars the third week of November. Although individual seminars will be based on specific authors (primarily poets), thematic presentations are encouraged for group work which should include poetry, prose and film: e.g. the impact of WW I; Vorticism and Cubism: the world of Blast; cinema and prose fiction myth and modernism; politics and the poetry of the thirties; Hollywood and the novelists; the poet as feminist; the inward gaze: the poet as psychologist; "that most resourceful symbolic form": religion and the artist; the Beat Generation; post-colonial angst; "I am Canadian": from the Group of 7 to Can Lit. films; "when shall we three meet again": poets, performers and songwriters. .

Required Texts

The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry VOL I and II
The Great Gatsby
Decline and Fall
At-SwimTwo Birds
Wise Blood
Night Train
After Theory

Students are also responsible for a number of films by Eisenstien, Welles, Hawks, Hitchcock, Renoir, Buñuel, Resnais, Goddard, Bergman and Arcand.

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