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Frequently Asked Questions

What courses should I take if I'm thinking of going on to graduate school in English?

The normal requirement for entry into graduate school is an honours degree. Many universities also expect that students entering graduate school will have broad coverage of periods, courses in Canadian and/or American literature, and a course in literary theory. If you think you'd like to consider graduate school, feel free to speak to the Honours Director, Dr. Andrea Schutz, or any member of the Department.

How do I go about obtaining a letter of reference from a professor?

Professors regularly write letters of reference for students applying for scholarships, professional programmes, or graduate school, and we're happy to do so. Your best advice is to choose a professor who knows you well, and for whom you have done your best work. We need to have the form, if there is one, or details including address and due date, well in advance (several weeks, if possible). We need you to fill out in advance any part of the form that asks for your name or the programme for which you are applying. You should ask each professor whether there is additional information they would like to have, such as a cv, a copy of your transcript, and, for graduate school, any description you have written of your intended course of study. Sometimes, we send the reference directly to the university to which you are applying; sometimes, we provide the letter to you in a sealed envelope. References are generally confidential.

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