English 2216 - Drama Production

T-Th 2:30-3:50 p.m.

Brenda Foley

Email: bfoley@stu.ca
Mailbox: EC302

Course objectives: Drama Production is an exploration of the fundamental elements that combine to create theatre.
Through improvs and exercises we will analyze the things that make human beings innately dramatic and discover ways to access those attributes in order to create fully developed characters onstage. We will discuss and practice the basic skill of breaking texts down into beats and units of action, not only as a means of pursuing immediate objectives, but as a core element of a larger goal: the balanced marriage of text and self. Additionally, the class will expand the ability to use body and voice more freely while working toward extending awareness and
concentration. This is a full participation class – wear sweats and t-shirts and expect to roll around on the ground and have a great time in, as Victor Turner has coined it, “the human seriousness of play.”

Attendance is mandatory (there are three excused absences, after which your grade will drop accordingly) and you must be prepared and focused when you come to class. Over the course of the year class assignments will consist of various exercises (20%), monologues (20%), scenes (20%), and an ongoing actor’s notebook (documenting responses to productions attended, text analysis work, and any ongoing
assignments, 10%). The second semester will culminate in an evening of scenes (30%). Expect to put in a significant amount of rehearsal time outside of class.

Note: There is no one text for this course. Monologues and scenes will be photocopied and handed out throughout the semester.


A+ 100-97 (4.3) A 96-93 (4.0) A- 92-90 (3.7) (A = Excellent performance)
B+ 89-86 (3.3) B 85-80 (3.0) B- 79-75 (2.7) (B = Good performance)
C+ 74-70 (2.3) C 69-65 (2.0) C- 64-60 (1.7) (C = Satisfactory performance)
D 59-50 (1.0)     (D = Minimally acceptable performance)
F 49 and less (0.0)     (F = Fail)