English 2523 - The Study of Drama

Course Description

Welcome to “The Study of Drama.” This fast-paced course will explore, through critical analysis of plays ranging from Oedipus to Topdog/Underdog, the theatrical conventions, significant trends, playwrights and performers that inform and construct the social practice of theatre. Emphasis will be placed both on close textual study of the works and the realities of staging productions.


There will be one mid-term essay exam (the content of which will be discussed in class, 20%), one final essay exam (20%), weekly quizzes on the plays (20%), and one creative project (20%) reflecting your interpretation of a particular play through a set, costume, or lighting
design. The project must be accompanied by a 2-3 page paper discussing how the project informed/altered your take on the play. Your full participation in class discussions (20%) is expected and will be invaluable to the success of the class as a whole. You will be required to attend a play in the first semester and write a 2 page response paper (due date TBA). Attendance in class is mandatory. You will be allowed three excused absences, after which your grade will drop accordingly.