English 1006G Introduction To Literature
Linda McNutt

This course is designed to develop an awareness of a variety of forms of fiction through reading, class discussion, selected videos, lectures and the writing of critical and creative work.

Class participation, written assignments and group presentations will count toward the final grade. Group work will be evaluated by all group members and no late assignments will be accepted without penalty.

First Term: The Harbrace Anthology of Literature, 3rd Edition
Second Term: List to be circulated in September


Class discussions, assignments, and group presentations: 20%
2 short essays (500-1000 words): 20% (Due Oct. 18, March 18)
2 longer essays (1000-1500 words): 30% (Dec 3, April 8)
Christmas exam: 15%
Final exam: 15%

Regular attendance is central to success in this course. To this end, a sign up sheet may be circulated during classes without prior notice. Reading assignments and essay topics will only be given during class time. Contributions which are directly related to the topic at hand will be most positively evaluated for participation grades.

Please be sure to make an appointment to see me well before assignment deadlines if you have any concerns about your work.

General Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, or Friday 12:30 - 2:30 pm.
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