St. Thomas University
English 2103 Creative Writing I
LJ McNutt

General expectations:

English 2103 is designed as an introductory course for those interested in beginning to write short fiction, drama and poetry. Students are expected to read their work in class seven times during the term and must provide 25 copies of their work for each day they are signed up to read. There will be no text costs for the course.

Assignments: (30%, due dates to be scheduled first week of classes)

Assignments (250 words max) will be given in class on lecture days only. Assignments will be read only on the days students are signed up for. Days missed by students signed up to read will not be rescheduled. Typed and copied assignments are due from the students who are reading at the end of the class in which they have read. These assignments will be marked and given back throughout the term to provide you with time and support for your final project (which should be produced as you go).

Written Log: (30%, Oct. 15, Dec 1)

Students will keep a log which allows me to evaluate the level of participation, as we will not always have time for long class discussions. There should be a log entry for each class and entries should include: identified touchstones, positive editorial suggestions, and significant points from class lectures on form and content.

Final Portfolio: (40%, Dec 3)

Students must choose 5 exercises from the class and develop them. The portfolio should include: marked drafts from class reading days, final drafts, 250 word explanation of the changes for each of the five pieces.

General Office Hours: 12:30 - 2:30 PM
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