English 3316 - Shakespeare and the Drama of His Age


Instructor: Linda McNutt

This class will provide students with an examination of the early modern dramatic period, concentrating on Shakespeare and several of his contemporaries. The class will be made up of lectures, class discussions, group presentations, and film work.


-Term I and II papers: 60%
-Term I and II Group Presentations: 20%
-Term I and II Logs: 20%

Term paper topics will be assigned in class. Students may propose alternative topics through written and verbal submission during office hours. MLA format, appropriate and accurate evidence and logical development of ideas must be employed. Due: Nov. 25, April 24

Group presentations will consist of scene readings and explanations of key concepts. Due dates will be assigned during the first week of class in term I and II.

Term logs will take the place of final exams and must demonstrate student understanding of class concepts. Logs must include: A list of characters for each play, a five act plot structure, written account of major points (min. 5 per play) made in class about each play and its genre. Due: Dec. 3 and April 8

General Office Hours: Mon, Wed. and Fri. 12:30-2:30
or book by appointment McNutt@Stthomasu.ca