Drama 2216 - Drama Production

General Course Outline

1st Semester

The first semester will consist of an introduction to Theatre Games, Improvisation, Character Study, Text and Scene Study. Each student will be required to present one or two monologues and a scene in class. There will also be various acting exercises and in class assignments that will be performed during the course of this semester.

2nd Semester

The whole class will participate in a production which will be performed publicly at the end of the term. The nature of this production will be decided on by either the end of the first semester or the beginning of the second semester. During the rehearsal period students will be required to keep a journal.

Because of the practical and collaborative nature of this course and the skills that need to be acquired this course is graded by attendance, contribution, and participation. If any of the monologues, scenes and exercises are not completed then your grade will be effected. Please be aware that if you are not in class - you are not doing the work. Failure to attend classes will result in a reduced grade and a possible failure.