Sample Publications
(updated January 2007)  

1. Books and Edited Collections  

(R) David Adams Richards of the Miramichi: A Biographical Introduction to His Work. (under consideration).

(R) George Sanderson, Editor and Cultural Worker: Thirty Years in Small Magazine and Small Press Publishing. Special Issue. Edited, with an introduction, essay, and notes, by Tony Tremblay. The Antigonish Review (in press, forthcoming Spring 2007).

(R) David Adams Richards: Essays on His Works. Edited, with an introduction, interview, notes, essay, and bibliography, by Tony Tremblay. Toronto: Guernica, 2005.

(R) David Adams Richards. Special Issue. Edited, with an introduction and notes, by Tony Tremblay. Pottersfield Portfolio 19.1 (Fall 1998).

2. Book Chapters, Articles, and Introductions

(R) “Mapping David Adams Richards’ Imagined Miramichi in ‘The Upriver Accent and the Accent of the Bay.’” A Literary Atlas of Atlantic Canada. Ed. J.A. Wainwright. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s (under consideration).

(R) “‘Lest on too close sight I miss the darling illusion’: The Politics of the Centre in ‘Writing Maritime.’” Essays on Canadian Writing. Special Issue (Atlantic Canada). Ed. Herb Wyile and Jeanette Lynes. (Lead Essay. In press, forthcoming Spring 2007).

(R) “Louis Dudek and the Question of Quebec.” Anglo-Québec Poetry, 1976 to the 21 st Century. Ed. Todd Swift and Jason Camlot. Montreal: Véhicule Press (in press, forthcoming 2007).

(R) “‘a widening of the northern coterie’: The Cross-Border Cultural Politics of Ezra Pound, Marshall McLuhan, and Louis Dudek.” The Canadian Modernists Meet: Essays on Modernism, Antimodernism, and Modernity. Ed. Dean Irvine. Reappraisals: Canadian Literature . Ottawa: U of Ottawa P, 2005. 153-77.

“An Introduction to the Poetry of David Adams Richards.” The Antigonish Review 141/42 (Spring/Summer 2005): 9-10.

“ Dalton Camp and Frank McKenna: New Brunswick Titans.” The Nashwaak Review 14/15 (Fall 2004/Winter 2005): 228-37.

(R) “ Reading Through the Camera: Exploring the State of the Book in the Age of Film.” The New Quarterly 90 (Spring/Summer 2004): 28-40.

(R) “Unrepentant Idealist: Louis Dudek’s Quarrels with Marshall McLuhan.” Eternal Conversations: Remembering Louis Dudek. Ed. Aileen Collins, Michael Gnarowski, Sonja A. Skarstedt. Montreal: DC Books, 2003. 129-41.

“Taking the ‘Management’ Out of Course Management Systems.” Teaching Perspectives 2 (Fall 2003): 17-19.

(R) “The Heart Still Singing: Raymond Souster at 82.” Studies in Canadian Literature/Études en littérature canadienne 27.2 (Spring 2003): 183-201.

(R) “ Reading the ‘Real’ in Survivor: Unearthing the Republican Roots in Reality Narrative.” Topia: A Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies 9 (Spring 2003): 47-65.

(R) “David Adams Richards: Canada’s ‘Independent’ Intellectual.” The Hollins Critic ( Hollins University, Virginia) 36.4 (October 1999): 1-14. Rpt. in Twayne Companion to Contemporary Literature in English. Ed. R.H.W. Dillard and Amanda Cockrell. New York: Twayne (Thomson/Gale), 2002. 277-86.

“‘I write upon the wall, Good Will to Men’: Locating the Dialectic of Art and Editing in the Early Poetry of Fred Cogswell.” Ellipse 68 (Autumn 2002): 47-57.

“Answering the Critics: David Adams Richards and the Paradox of Unpopularity.” The Antigonish Review 128 (Winter 2002): 119-28.

“Morality Tales and Ultra Violence: Lords of the WWF Ring.” The Globe and Mail [ Toronto] 16 March 2002: R3.

(R) “Assessing the Fate of Liberal Education in the Age of the Laptop: Some Questions and Considerations.” Higher Learning Magazine (Nov/Dec. 2001): 22-25. <>.

(R) “‘git yr / eye off Canada / and onto internat criteria /’: Exploring the Influence of Ezra Pound on the Cultural Production of Louis Dudek.” Essays on Canadian Writing 74 (Fall 2001): 26-52.

“‘Ah! At last, I have come to the centre of the universe!’: Remembering Louis.” The Nashwaak Review 10.1 (Fall 2001): 11-17.

(R) “Piracy, Penance, and Other Penal Codes: A Morphology of Post-colonial Revision in Three Recent Texts by Rudy Wiebe, John Steffler, and Joan Clark.” English Studies in Canada 23.2 (June 1997): 159-73. Rpt. in Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC-138). Detroit: Gale, 2001. 380-87.

(R) “‘Still Burning’ . . . Brightly.” Review article. Rev. of The Caged Tiger, poems by Louis Dudek, and The Elsewhere Community, essays by Hugh Kenner. The Antigonish Review 116 (Winter 1999): 11-15. Rpt. in Louis Dudek: Essays on His Works. Ed. George Hildebrand. Toronto: Guernica Press, 2001. 58-64.

“Louis Dudek, 1918-2001: In Memoriam.” The Antigonish Review 125 (Spring 2001): 7-11.

(R) “The Wizardry of Mediating Instruction with Technology.” Teaching Perspectives 2 (Fall 2000): 8-9. Rpt. in CAUT Bulletin 48.6 (June 2001): A3.

“My brush with reality — and how I survived it.” The Globe and Mail [ Toronto] 28 April 2001: R3.

(R) “‘Even more symmetry here than I imagined’: A Critical Reading of Recent Maritime Fictions.” The Dalhousie Review 79.2 (Summer 2000): 269-77.

Associate Editor. Form and Format: A Guide to the Presentation of Essays. UNB Fredericton, 1996. Second Issue (8 th Edition, 2000).

“‘Who Stole Canadian Hockey?’: A Cultural Take.” The New Brunswick Reader 7.10 (11 March 2000): 7-8.

(R) “Internet Censorship as ‘Cybriety’: Freud, McLuhan, and Media Pleasures.” Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature 32.1 (March 1999): 167-82.

Louis Dudek: Canada’s ‘Ideogram of Reality.’” The Antigonish Review 117 (Spring 1999): 129-153.

(R) “‘Boris is very intelligent and “simpatico” and interested in worthwhile things’: The Association and Correspondence of Ezra Pound and Prince Boris de Rachewiltz.” Paideuma: A Journal Devoted to Ezra Pound Scholarship 28.1 (Spring 1999): 151-60.

(R) “Millennialism on the Couch: Film, Technology, and the Oedipal Drama.” The Dalhousie Review 77.1 (Spring 1998): 45-66.

(R) “‘The Literary Occult’ in the Letters of Marshall McLuhan and Ezra Pound.” Paideuma: A Journal Devoted to Ezra Pound Scholarship 27.2-3 (Fall-Winter 1998): 107-27.

“‘Words I write are the best of me’: Fred Cogswell, Poet, at 80.” The Fiddlehead 193 (Autumn 1997): 78-81.

“Television, Book Reviewing, Hockey, Don Cherry, and David Adams Richards—on navigating the differences between politics and culture.” Pottersfield Portfolio 18.1 (Fall 1997): 119-23.

“ Reading ‘McLuhan’ in a Post-Modern Age: The Constructions of Glenn Willmott, Terry Gordon, Robert Logan, and Derrick De Kerckhove.” The Antigonish Review 110 (Summer 1997): 143-57.

“Reading Technology: Some Probes Toward an Investigation of Hypertext.” The Antigonish Review 108 (Winter 1997): 123-42.

(R) “Modernism and the Occult: A Selected Bibliography” (with Archie Henderson). Literary Modernism and the Occult Tradition. Ed. Demetres Tryphonopoulos and Leon Surette. Orono, Maine: National Poetry Foundation UP, 1996. 199-214.

“Writing Technology: Some Probes Toward a Consideration of Compositional Media.” The Antigonish Review 105 (Spring 1996): 151-59.

“David Adams Richards: An Appreciation.” BRICK: a literary journal 51 (1995): 30-32.

(R) “Tall Tales from a Genteel Hoodlum: The Artful Exaggerations of Bill Gaston.” Studies in Canadian Literature/Études en littérature canadienne 16.2 (1991/92): 197-215.

3. Encyclopedia Entries

(R) “Louis Dudek.” The Ezra Pound Encyclopedia . Ed. Stephen J. Adams and Demetres Tryphonopoulos. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2005. 85.

(R) “Leo Frobenius” and “Boris De Rachewiltz.” The Ezra Pound Encyclopedia. Ed. Stephen J. Adams and Demetres Tryphonopoulos. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2005. 126-27; 250-51.

(R) “David Adams Richards.” Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada. Ed. W.H. New. Toronto: U of Toronto P, 2002. 966-68.

(R) “Alden Nowlan.” Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada. Ed. W.H. New. Toronto: U of Toronto P, 2002. 835-37.

4. Reviews and Review Articles

“Untying the Medium: Putting the Sense Back into McLuhan.” Review article. Rev. of Marshall McLuhan: Cosmic Media, by Janine Marchessault. Topia: A Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies (in press, forthcoming Spring 2007).

“Various Persons Named Alden Nowlan.” Review of If I could turn and meet myself: The Life of Alden Nowlan, by Patrick Toner. The New Brunswick Reader 7.22 (3 June 2000): 22-23.

“‘I came in on my knees’: McLuhan and Catholicism.” Review of The Medium and the Light: Reflections on Religion, by Marshall McLuhan. Ed. Eric McLuhan and Jacek Szklarek. The Antigonish Review 120 (Winter 2000): 79-83.

“Tending the Family Tree.” Review of Last Stand, by Wayne Curtis. The New Brunswick Reader 6.42 (23 October 1999): 24.

Review of The Trouble with Genius: Reading Pound, Joyce, Stein, and Zukofsky, by Bob Perelman. Paideuma: A Journal Devoted to Ezra Pound Scholarship 26.1 (Spring 1997): 151-54.

“Hockey & other things.” Review of A Lad From Brantford & Other Essays, by David Adams Richards. Pottersfield Portfolio 17.1 (Fall 1996): 83-86.

“Maybe We Just Don’t Get Out Enough.” Review of talk Dirty to me: An Intimate Philosophy of Sex, by Sallie Tisdale.The Nashwaak Review 2.2 (Fall 1996): 158-63.

“An Unblinking Eye on Passion and Triumph.” Review of Hope in the Desperate Hour, by David Adams Richards. The New Brunswick Reader 3.23 (April 1996): 20-21.

Review of Wyndham Lewis and the Avant-Garde: The Politics of the Intellect, by Toby Avard Foshay. English Studies in Canada 22.1 (March 1996): 110-112.

“Road From the Stilt House.” Review article. Rev. of For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down, by David Adams Richards. The Fiddlehead 180 (Summer 1994): 116-20.

Review of Learning to be Modern: Pound, Eliot, and the American University, by Gail McDonald. Paideuma: A Journal Devoted to Ezra Pound Scholarship 23.2-3 (1994): 263-66.

5. Conference Papers, Presentations, Invited Talks

“The Function of the Online Little Magazine in Canada: When Reader Becomes User.” Beyond the Book. Birmingham University. September 2007. (under consideration)

“Challenging Frye on the Question of Literary Regionalism.” (Invited Opening Roundtable Speaker.) The Northrop Frye International Literary Festival. Moncton, NB. (forthcoming, 26-29 April 2007).

“Reading Indian Literature in Canada,” “Canadian Poetry,” “Canadian Fiction and Film,” and “ Canada: A Borderline Case.” (Canadian Studies Lectures at 9 Indian Universities.) Shastri Indo-Canadian Studies Fellowship Programme. Delhi, India. January-February 2006.

“Writing Region: The Politics of the Centre in Theorizing Maritimeness.” (Opening Panel Speaker.) The Seventh Thomas H. Raddall Symposium. Surf’s Up: The Rising Tide of Atlantic-Canadian Literature. Acadia University. Wolfville, NS. 15-17 October, 2004.

(R) “Canadian Literary Modernism’s Debt to America.” ICUSTA Annual Faculty Lecture. University St. Thomas. Houston, Texas. 17 March 2004.

(R) “Ezra Pound’s Modernist Inheritance to Marshall McLuhan and Louis Dudek.” The Canadian Modernists Meet: A Symposium. University of Ottawa. 9-11 May 2003.

“The Pros and Cons of Teaching Popular Culture.” NBTA. Professional Development Series. Fredericton High School. Fredericton, NB. 27 August 2002.

“Applying C.P. Snow’s ‘Two Cultures’ Idea to High/Leavisite/Dudek and Low/Birmingham School/McLuhan Culture.” The Unitarian Fellowship of Fredericton. 7 April 2002.

“ Reading ‘Place’ in the Poetry of Alden Nowlan.” Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick’s First Annual Alden Nowlan Literary Festival. Fredericton, NB. 25-28 October 2001.

(R) “Survivor and the Politics of Surveillance.” CBC Commentary (National Radio). Producer James Wark and Peter Anawati. April 2001.

“Reading the Real: How a Cultural Theorist Watches Survivor.” Guest Lecture Series. St. Thomas University. 10 April 2001.

(R) “From Inspiration to Swerve: Ezra Pound and Louis Dudek.” National Poetry Foundation. North American Poetry of the 1960s. University of Maine at Orono. 28 June to 2 July 2000.

“Exploring the Popular: Bringing Cultural Studies into the Classroom.” NBTA High School English Lecture Series. Hammond River Lodge. 24 March 2000.

“Princess Leia to Seven of Nine: Women and War in Science Fiction” (with Christine Cornell). Imagery and Gender in War Series. St. Thomas University. 23 February 1999.

“Preliminary Considerations for the Teaching of Writing.” Annual Faculty Workshop on the First-Year Experience. St. Thomas University. 17-18 June 1998.

“Exploring ‘Risk’ as Cultural Practice: Pedagogical Implications of the ‘Post’-Phenomena.” INKSHED. Multiple Literacies: Ethics and Responsibilities. Mount St. Vincent University. Mahone Bay, N.S. 7-10 May 1998.

“David Bentley’s Stewardship of Canadian Poetry.” Closing Remarks. Annual Desmond Pacey Lecture. University of New Brunswick. February 1998.

“ Hollywood’s Complicity in Technological Determinism: What Films Teach about Cultural Service.” Atlantic University Teachers of English. Millennia from the Margins Conference. Mount Allison University. Sackville, NB. October 1997.

(R) “‘Global Risorgimento: An Analysis of Ezra Pound’s St. Elizabeths Correspondence with Prince Boris de Rachewiltz.” National Poetry Foundation. North American Poetry of the 1950s. University of Maine at Orono. 19-23 June 1996.

“The Pedagogy of Writing Programs at Small Maritime Universities.” University of Prince Edward Island. Charlottetown, PEI. 8 May 1996.

“The Impact of Technology on the Production of Meaning.” University of New Brunswick. Fredericton, NB. 29 February 1996.

“Making the Academic Grade at NB Universities.” Guest Speaker. NBTA. Professional Development Series. Nackawic High School. Nackawic, NB. August 1992.

“Writing Across the Curriculum.” Effective Teaching Institute. UNB Fredericton. 15-16 April 1991.

6. Public Interviews with Scholarly, Pedagogic, or Regional Relevance

“Teaching High School Students to Use Media Wisely.” Interview in King’s Journalism Review [Halifax] Chloe Ernst, Writer. 11 October 2005: 1-4.

“Branding New Brunswick.” Interview in The Telegraph-Journal [ Saint John] Karen Rawlines, Writer. 1 August 2005: A1, 2.

“A Smarter STU?: WebCT and Smart Classrooms.” Interview in STU Journal [ Fredericton] Valerie Kent, Writer. 27 October 2004: 7-8.

“Bono to the Rescue: Celebrity Politics.” Interview on CBC News Online [ Toronto] Dan Brown, Writer. 12 May 2004.

“Punched and Moody: Mug’s the Word on Puppets Who Kill.” Interview in Saturday Night Magazine [ Toronto]. Amy Cross, Writer. October 2003: 18.

“Warm Welcome for Famous Author [David Adams Richards].” Interview in The Daily Gleaner [ Fredericton] Lori Gallagher, Writer. 20 September 2003: A1, 5.

“Forensic Science Goes Mainstream.” Interview in The Telegraph-Journal [ Saint John] Deby Nash, Writer. 11 July 2003: A4.

“Prim and Proper: Do We [Maritimers] Deserve Our Stodgy Reputation?” Interview in The New Brunswick Reader [ Saint John] Chuck Brown, Writer. 16 November 2002: 1, 14-17.

“Class Size Breeds Frustration.” Interview in The Aquinian [ Fredericton] Melissa Lombard, Writer. 02 October 2002: 1, 6.

“What? I Didn’t Know Foster Brooks Was Still Alive.” Interview in The Kitchener-Waterloo Record [ Kitchener]. Joel Rubinoff, Writer. 11 January 2002: B4.

“Is Survivor the Next Castaway?” Interview in The Telegraph-Journal [ Saint John]. Shawn Berry, Writer. 10 January 2002: A1, 5.

“Putting the Pop in Culture: A New Field of Studies Struggles for Its Identity.” Interview in University Affairs Magazine/Affaires universitaires [ Ottawa] Anita Lahey, Writer. December 2001: 22-26.

“Company’s Name Game a Bust in NB.” Interview in The Telegraph-Journal [ Saint John] Chuck Brown, Writer. 14 December 2001: A1, 8.

“‘Who’s Out There?’: Hollywood’s Obsession with Alien Visitors.” Interview in Special Feature of The New Brunswick Reader [ Saint John] Michelle Porter, Writer. 17 November 2001: 12-15.

“Dissecting Primal Fear.” Interview in The New Brunswick Reader [ Saint John] Lee Oliver, Writer. 27 October 2001: 12-15.

“NBers Watching More TV Than Most Canadians.” Interview in The Telegraph-Journal [ Saint John] Michelle Porter, Writer. 25 October 2001: A3.

“In Search of the Ultimate Survivor.” Interview in The Ottawa Citizen [ Ottawa] Bev Wake, Writer. 04 October 2001: A11.

“Even in a Time of Tragedy, Hollywood Can’t Resist Hype.” Interview in The Kitchener-Waterloo Record [ Kitchener] Joel Rubinoff, Writer. 22 September 2001: E1.

“Some Celebrities Just Don’t Know When to Quit.” Interview in The Kitchener-Waterloo Record [ Kitchener]. Joel Rubinoff, Writer. 14 July 2001: E1.

“Richler Left Lasting Legacy for Canadians.” Interview in The Telegraph-Journal [ Saint John] Greg Mercer, Writer. 04 July 2001: A1, 8.

“Former 007 Wants Next Bond to be Played by Black Actor.” Interview in The Ottawa Citizen [ Ottawa]. David Stonehouse, Writer. 09 May 2001: A20.

“An N.B. Hockey Fan’s Delight.” Interview in The Telegraph-Journal [ Saint John] Michelle Porter, Writer. 11 April 2001: A1, 7.

“The Survivor Secret: STU Professor Knows Why We Like it So Much.” Feature Interview in The Telegraph-Journal [ Saint John] Michelle Porter, Writer. 7 April 2001: A1, 8.

“STU Professor Writing David Adams Richards Biography.” Interview in Miramichi Leader WEEKEND [ Newcastle] 25 August 2000: 11.

“David Adams Richards and His World.” (One of the featured critics.) Dir. Ken Furlong. CBC TV, March 2000.

“The Maritimes of David Adams Richards.” (Featured critic.) Producer Carmen Clausen. CBC Radio, Halifax Arts Report, October 1998.

“The Phenomenon of Voice Mail Technology.” Life Tracts (CBC Television Interview). Host, Terry Seguin. 25 June 1997.

7. Work in Progress

“Exploring the Poetics of ‘Cosmopolitan Regionalism’ that Inform the Cultural Work of Desmond Pacey.” Awarded Internal SSHRC Grant, Fall 2006.

The Selected Letters of Louis Dudek and The Selected Poems of Fred Cogswell. I am one of a number of co-applicants with Dean Irvine, project director, for a SSHRC Strategic Knowledge Clusters Grant for Editing Modernism in Canada (to produce critically edited texts by Canadian authors). The Dudek and Cogswell collections are my core projects. Applied to SSHRC Fall 2006.

“Investigating the Socio-Cultural Negotiations Attending Information Technology Adoption in Bhutan.” Collaborative project with a colleague at UNB.

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