How to Succeed and Excel in Dr. Tremblay's English 1006 Class:
Some Tips by Current Students for Future Students

Each year I ask my students to provide helpful hints and suggestions to those who follow them. The question I ask is "What would you suggest to next year's students that would help them succeed and excel in this class?" Their responses are anonymous. I tell them that those responses will be posted on my website for future students to see. Here are last year's.

Dear 1006 Student,

I have been asked to write you a letter stating how to succeed in Tony Tremblay's 1006 class. Here are a few key points: do not miss class because there is so much covered that you could not catch up. Do not carry on a conversation with the person beside you while Tremblay or another student is analysing material--he hates this and will make it clear to you that he does. Come to class prepared and participate and ask questions. Those are the important things.

On a more personal note I would like to say that you are really going to enjoy Tremblay's class even if you don't like Literature. He is approachable, he makes the classes fun, and enjoys talking about George Bush. Every student is capable of succeeding in his class. The choice is yours whether you want to or not. Good luck!


Dear Students,

I sat where you are sitting right now...well, maybe one or two seats over. The year for me is coming to a close. As I write this, I feel I have gained a great deal from this course and know you will as well.

Growing class sizes hinder your ability to express your own thoughts. Whether you believe so yet or not, these thoughts are valuable and Prof. Tremblay's class is a great place to share them. Beginning your year with presentations may at first seem frightening but they also help you to get to know one another better. The people who surround you will teach you a lot and vice versa. Class becomes a close-knit community as opposed to the structured space we are accustomed to in high school.

Take advantage of your syllabus, guideline sheets and his exam preparation. Listen carefully and ask questions ALL THE TIME. When you were 4 years old you never hesitated to do so and in university you get to do it again. The answers you receive will be more complex but even more rewarding.

There will come a time when the caffeine doesn't work anymore and all you want to do is sleep. Remember that in these times class is even more important, your fellow students offer support. Cutting class will only make you seem farther behind.

Enjoy yourself! Read, discuss and participate. The year goes by quickly. You paid for great courses and you're sitting in one of the best first-year ones available.


In my opinion there is no real key to succeed in this course, rather a plan to succeed. Come to every class, not only will you be present to write all reading quizzes, but discussions in class will be very important when writing essays or exams. Those reading quizzes are real uppers, a sure thing, your opinion, but you must read the material needed. For this reason note taking is truly a worthwhile exercise. When writing essays, be sure to use the MLA style as listed in Form & Format. So read, take notes, let him know what you're thinking about every once in a while and you will "succeed". It was a BLAST!


If you want to succeed you have to be talkative and enjoy discussing subjects with your teacher and fellow classmates. You can't be afraid to do a presentation--personally I felt very comfortable because my classmates were nice. Always come to class and bring all your books. Take really good notes, and any terms he mentions write them down, because they're on the exams. Always do your readings, because there is pop quizzes. If you need help Professor Tremblay is always there, he is very approachable, he always gives you good feedback about your performance. Just be prepared to work and try your best. As long as you do your work you'll succeed.


Dear Future Student,

I am a former student of Tony's with a little bit of advice for how to succeed in his 1006 English class. The first thing is make sure that you do your readings, because he likes to give surprise reading quizzes. Another thing is to make note of all the terms he gives you and how they are used because guaranteed they will be on a midterm or exam. Another good hint is, when he talks slow and pauses it means he is saying something of importance so write it down. Also talk to him, let him get to know you, he enjoys getting to know his students. Don't be scared to speak out in class, he likes to know your opinion.

Good luck, I hope that these hints will help you succeed in your Intro. to English. Oh ya, he does not like it when you B.S. in your essays, he just wants you to get to the point and not retell the plot.


Tony Tremblay tries to have every student succeed. In his class, it is key to pay attention to discussions, take notes and to pick up on the points that he emphasizes. Attendance is also a definite factor. You really have to go to every class or you won't get the full effect. Another thing about this class is the assignments. If you use the guidelines and sheets he gives you for writing essays or doing presentations, you are guaranteed to get a good grade. There are no secrets in this class. He tells you what you need to know. As for the reading, you have to keep up with it because he'll quiz you. But honestly it is not too hard to keep up with. A helpful hint, Tony is very open and if you suggest things like a question for a test, he will actually use it. This class is easily passed. You do not have to be good at English, you really just have to try and you will do well. He is a professor who WANTS his students to pass and will do anything he can to help every one of his students succeed.


Dear First Year English Student:

In order to succeed in Tony Tremblay's English class you need to do all your readings on time and always be prepared for quizzes that could pop up.

Make sure you PARTICIPATE!!! Even if you are the shyest person, you have to deal with it and ignore it. Speak out when you know the answer to something. If you have an opinion about something - say it. Everyone else does.

Make sure you are prepared for class and come on time and try not to miss more than 5 classes (if that) or you might get a letter asking you to remove yourself from the class.

Give your best and you'll have no problem succeeding. Good Luck!!


Dear Student:

If you are entering Tremblay's 1006 Intro. to Literature class this is some advice on how to succeed. First thing you have to do is to attend all classes. Come to class with your assigned work completed and thought about. While in class be prepared to state your opinions or comments on the work being covered. All of these things will benefit you. When doing an essay make sure that you understand the question you are being asked. Be very specific when answering and get to the point. Overall this class is very interesting. You will learn a lot of different things from your peers and the Prof. If you are interested in learning and sharing your comments there should be no problem with this class.


Dear Student:

All right let's see if I can help you succeed in Tremblay's 1006 Literature. First and foremost please make sure that you show up for class. When he says he'll take marks off, he's not joking. If you don't go you might miss something valuable like a term that's going to show up on the exam, or the intentions of Tyler in Fight Club. As well, if you have a voice, use it. He really likes participation and students giving their thoughts and opinions on what's going on. he seems to care more about the opinions of his students than his own.

Those are the most important things, but also do your work, don't slack, and take the time to sit down re-read your old essays before you pass in the next one. Most of the time you will be rewarded. If you do come to class, speak up and ask questions then you will succeed. Unlike most profs, Tremblay will take the time to help you if you're showing effort or letting him know you're trying your best. His help will make a difference.


Dear future Tremblay 1006 students,

As I sit in my final English class of my first year, a question is raised; how to succeed in Tony Tremblay's 1006 English class? The first thing to keep in mind, future students, is to keep an open mind. Do not be afraid to speak up or voice your opinion, he is an awesome guy and he won't bite. Speaking out in class makes it more interesting, as you are involving yourself, and it helps with the participation marks.

The second piece of advice is to go to class! You will learn from day one that class is where the action is. If you do not go to class on a regular basis you will not succeed, as you are missing a valuable lesson every day. Also, show up on time!

Lastly, be open, be present, and make it a fun year. The class is awesome, the Prof is awesome, and expect an awesome mark if you follow this advice. Good Luck. PS. I did it!!


Dear Student,

This is how you can succeed in Dr. Tony Tremblay's Intro. to Literature 1006. Make sure you come to class every day; if you're assigned a reading, do it before class. Make a few notes on the reading to remind you. Don't be shy in class, ask as many questions as you can, because participation is key.

In writing an essay for English 1006, make sure you follow Tremblay's guidelines closely and if you have problems go to a writing workshop or go see him yourself. Ask him what his expectations are.

At the beginning of the year you may be thinking oh God this is hard, but you will adapt and improve as the year goes on. Just make sure to be prepared, pay attention, and do all of your assignments, and you'll succeed, and don't forget to speak your mind and ideas!


First of all, you can't be shy. You should speak up in class and ask lots of questions. He really likes it if you do that. You should also go to every class or else you are going to miss important information. It is not good to be chatting with your friends while others are talking. Also be prepared for a quiz. He likes to give out pop quizzes a lot. You have to work hard because Tremblay likes to see students improving with their work. He likes you to be prepared for class, that is by reading the material that was for homework and maybe by having a question ready for class or just your own notes on the side. With these tips you should be able to succeed.


To Tremblay's future students - English 1006,

First off you have to understand that being late is annoying and very interrupting to him, so show up on time! Another thing is make sure when you come to class that you have your readings done because he does ask questions and the odd time gives a reading quiz! Oh and be sure to voice opinions--he likes that plus he gives you a mark out of 10 for it. Ask any question you want, don't feel that you have a stupid question because even if it doesn't make sense Tony will use it in some way to make it relate--he's very good at that. Another thing is when you come to class, take lots of notes and pay close attention to definitions, more than likely they will be on the exam. And on a final note be sure to use the book Form & Format when writing an essay. He's really a stickler when it come to essays and their format. He may seem tough but really he's an overall nice guy who loves his job. Good Luck!


How to succeed? You got to show up to class every day. Know your stuff for that day. If you got a problem talk to him, he's fair. Be up front, it always helps. Do all assignments that he assigns for homework. Just simply be prepared for class every day and you'll do ok.


Well first of all you will love it. Tony explains things so that you will understand completely. If you are the shy type you won't be by the end of this class--getting up in front of people is no easy task. If you do your reading and come to class regularly you'll have no problem. You will do fine. You probably get that all the time, but up until now I didn't know how right those people were. You MUST read material before class. It helps you understand so much more, and the choice of texts are interesting. So good luck, if you work hard, trust me you will have fun.

PS: Have him tell you what he feels is the most poetic word in the language.
PPS: Get involved! You paid to learn something.


As a first year student it is difficult and scary coming to an institution such as St. Thomas University. But fear not, this should provide you with some insight on how to succeed in Professor. Tremblay's English class 1006.

First it's important to be prompt. Always arrive on time and be prepared to work. Also be vocal. It is important to participate in class and to express your opinion. Don't be a slacker, do the work and get it in on time.

He'll hand out a list of stuff to do. His guidelines are very clear and you should have no problem. Tony is a great prof, you should have no worries. He brings the information to you in a bright and colorful way. Do the work, have fun, and you'll do just fine.


Dear Future 1006 Students,

To succeed in Prof. Tremblay's English 1006 class you must first be to class on time ready to learn. Always come with the material read. That way in group discussions you will be able to partake. Don't forget you're getting participation marks! Also don't be afraid to express your ideas, even if they're different from the other views. On essays and assignments, make sure you take in the feedback whether it's good or bad. The Prof likes to see improvement and you will be evaluated higher on it. Also take good notes, write right in your book, it will be much easier to study from. Overall just enjoy the class, you're all there to learn and enjoy the boundaries of literature in which there are no boundaries. Also the Prof is there to help and don't feel afraid to let your opinion be known! Work hard and have fun!


Hey Hey New Student,

So, you're in Tony Tremblay's Intro class. Well I have some tips so that you can get through the year a little bit easier. Tony may come across as being a bit intimidating at first but it is only because he wants his students to try their hardest. Tony is a brilliant teacher but he still needs you to participate with your opinion. Any time you need help don't be scared to ask him. He is always willing to help you achieve your desired mark.

Tony is so passionate about his material that I promise you, you will have a new outlook on literature by the end of the year. I hated literature before this year.

Try your best and look past the intimidating environment, because after a few weeks it just feels like you're talking with a bunch of friends.

And remember to read between the lines: you'll find a whole new story there. Have fun and remember to speak your mind!


How to Succeed In Tremblay's 1006:

These are the following recommendations that I feel would assist a student entering Tremblay's 1006 in the following years:

- if there is assigned reading for the next class, have it read
- bring questions and/or comments to class concerning a story/poem read the night before
- no bullshit when you're writing an essay or paper
- develop your own opinions and voice your opinions
- attend every class
- be on time and come prepared
- be open to new things, such as that poetry can be enjoyable to learn about and study
- respect others and their opinions


Hello Intro to Literature class. I was a third year student when I took this class. The reason I took it was because I was out of high school for five years and I thought taking an English class would help me to strengthen my writing and reading skills. It did.

I am writing to you today to give you some pointers on how to spend your time here. It is very important you come to class everyday or you are going to miss a lot, and it is very difficult to catch up. It is not like it was in high school, it is harder.

The second thing you should always do is to read your assigned readings for class or you are going to be behind, plus you are not going to be able to participate in group discussions.

Thirdly, participate in class. You may feel you are wrong, but here your opinion is what matters and that is what Professor Tremblay is looking for. He wants to know what you are thinking and feeling about what you have read. Most important have fun, and do your best.


First of all, in order to succeed in Tremblay's class, you must do the work he has assigned to you and follow the criteria for these assignments. Also, going to class is very important as well because participation is key. Ask questions when you don't understand and give your opinion to develop your critical thinking skills.

In addition, you must read the works that will be discussed in class in order to participate in class discussion.

So, all you have to do is the work assigned to you, participate and read, and you shall succeed.


Dear Student,

Just to let you in on how to succeed in Tremblay's 1006 English class. First of all enjoy your days at St. Thomas, they go by very fast. Also you are going to have to try harder than you did in high school, you cannot slack off here. So back to Tony's English class: you do have to read the novels and the homework at least once, maybe twice. Ask questions and speak your mind; Tony likes opinions.

Tony is a great prof so pay attention to him and what he says. He doesn't work you hard but he makes you think. Attend class, that is where the action is. Remind yourself that you are here to learn and think for yourself. Re-read your essays before you pass them in and cut the crap, no prof wants to hear it. Allow yourself to think outside your comfort bubble and explore the real world. Put time into this class, and all your other classes, because in the end what you learned will be rewarding. To succeed in Tremblay's class do some thoughtful work and use your words wisely. If you put effort into the class, Tony will give effort back.


To whom it may concern:

In order to succeed in Tremblay's English 1006: Introduction to Literature GO TO EVERY CLASS. Attendance is very important, because while being in class you discover what things are the most important. Because everyone's opinions are welcome in the class discussion, you are able to gather other opinions and make your mind open to new ideas. You also catch new things that you may not have been aware of in your interpretation when you prepared for class.

Another thing to remember if you want to succeed is write your essays on time, and don't be shy. Feel free to make appointments with Tremblay for him to look over your assignment before you pass it in. This will help better your mark and let you know what types of things he looks for when you discuss your work with him.

Do your reading, too. This will help you succeed in offering valuable opinions of the text. Take notes when you read to help you remember when it comes time to look over the material to write an assignment. Also, if you make sure your reading is done, you won't have any problems with the pop quizzes he gives, because you will be aware of the content of the assigned reading. Oh yeah, study for your exams, too! Oh yeah, get to the point when you write - don't ramble.


How to succeed in Tremblay's 1006 class? First of all you should always come to class on time. Make sure that you are well prepared because he likes class discussions. And you will need to take part in them.

It is also very important that you not miss too many of his classes. Attendance is important because the more you go to class the better you will understand the material.

You should try not to be shy because speaking out and getting involved will help you along the way. It helped me and I am shy. If you do all of this you will have no problem. Because, as you will see, he is fair and easy to get along with.


Dear Student,

OK, first of all let me commend you on you choice of an Instructor for an Intro to English. I would say that you've made a smart choice. Now, to succeed in your choice I would say that the first thing you have to do is definitely go to class. Although attendance doesn't count for a large part in your grade, well I guess it does with quizzes and stuff, you must go. You might think oh it's only a class here and a class there, but they add up. And believe me, Tony DOES know your name and when you're not there! You're a person in his class, not a number and the better he gets to know you, the better he will be able to help you reach your goals. Now I'm not saying to suck-up, all I'm saying is to go to class and be interactive, not a mute in the back row. It makes a difference if he knows who you are when he's marking your paper or exam.

The 2nd thing would have to be don't be afraid to make mistakes. His instructions are meant to help you get better and improve. READ HIS INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!!! My first paper I got 11/20 and my last one was 17/20. Everyone has room to improve and Tony will definitely help you do that.

My last 2 points are quite simple. They definitely helped me out. Be prepared for class, read the material 2 times the night before. And don't just do this because there might be a quiz, do it so you know what's going on in class and so you can gather your thoughts and questions the night before. I enjoyed this class because he made us come prepared.

My last point would be to read SLOW so you can comprehend everything and do an outline for EVERYTHING. Believe me, they help! Tony will tell you. Good Luck and have fun.


Letter to English 1006 students -

If you like English you will definitely like English 1006 taught by Tony Tremblay. If you are willing to put some thought and effort you'll get a good mark, however the opposite holds true as well. By not reading you are only hurting yourself, because there will be random reading quizzes and intense discussion. By not participating you not only hurt the grade given for participation but your own understanding of the material. Understanding becomes crucial for papers and exams because he will not ask for long drawn out answers, rather answers that are precise and to the point. This leaves no room for B.S. So the three things that need to be done are:

1) attend class: if you don't go you will not understand
2) do the readings: they are interesting and enjoyable. You'll also be prepared for the quizzes
3) participate: this will enhance your understanding and enable you to respond intelligently to the questions asked

The last bit of advice is never say that you don't know when you are asked a question in class. Give your opinion, everyone gets something different from the readings and your opinions and questions will be accepted and responded to with respect and intelligence.


Dear Student,

One thing you will have to ensure while taking Dr. Tremblay's Intro to Literature (English 1006) class is good attendance. You will miss a lot if you miss even a small number of classes. You will come to realize quickly that the material on exams is the material covered in class.

Dr. Tremblay is somewhat of a tough marker. Not because he's unfair, but because he knows what he's talking about and he notices the little things. When writing for him, be sure to re-read your work carefully, and even get someone else to, in order to catch mistakes in grammar, formatting, etc.

This is a very interesting, fun, and good course. Dr. Tremblay makes his guidelines very clear - following them brings you closer to success in his class. The only other thing you have to do is think for yourself. He likes that and some profs don't. So take advantage.


To succeed in this English class you must come to class on a regular basis so you do not miss the quizzes. You must take great notes to study for your exams and your notes will play a big role in helping you write your papers as well. Good notes are a key in this class. Lastly, take part in the group discussions in class. Talking in class helps you remember the discussions better.

To succeed you need to do 3 things in Tony's class: show up, take notes and take part; if you do not do these 3 things you will be missing out on a great class.


In order to succeed in Tremblay's 1006 English class you need to show up to class. No joke, if he sees you in class making an effort there won't be any problems. Sure the stipulations that he hands out at the beginning of the year seem somewhat harsh, but believe me the expectations set forth are nothing. If you have any questions ask them. No really, Tremblay isn't the type of Professor who will tear you apart if your question is the least bit uneducated. He actually makes sense of your question and answers it clearly.

If you are a first year student, you lucked out. You're working with the best hand you could have been dealt. He is professional. He is fair. Go to class, get your work in on time, and participate and a good mark in the class is guaranteed.


How to succeed in Tremblay's 1006:

- Give your opinion. Always. Feedback.
- Read your assignments whatever they may be (chapters, poems, acts, stories, etc.)
- When you have an assignment due, don't wait till the last minute. Do it to the best of your ability, pass it in on time and you will do well on it.
- Make it a point to have a one on one session with Prof. Tremblay so that you understand each other.
- READ the instructions for your assignments very carefully - do just what the instructors say, follow the guidelines properly.


How to succeed in Tremblay's 1006 class -

To succeed in Tremblay's 1006 class you must, first and foremost, attend all classes! By not attending classes regularly you miss important information.

Secondly, he gives surprise reading quizzes when you least expect it. In short READ the required reading prior to that day's class. Being prepared for this class is very essential!

Lastly, give your opinion in class, ask questions and get involved. To Tremblay, no questions are stupid. He's very open and participation in class helps when it comes to assignments.


Dear "Future Students" -

Let me see ... where to begin? For starters, I would recommend going to class! There are always good discussions and great ideas from both Tony and your peers. In order to succeed, participation is a MUST! Don't be scared to ask questions and share ideas, but do be open to different points of view.

The guidelines Tony gives you are important and if you do what they say, you'll be an "A" student! Make sure to work hard on your assignments (I recommend focussing on Format! He's a stickler for formatting!)

Come to class wanting to learn something or share an idea!

Most of all, just do your best and constantly refer back to those academic guidelines! They are the bible of Tony Tremblay's 1006 class!

He's a terrific prof and wants to see all of his students succeed! That may be one of the best qualities a teacher can have! So...just give it your all! Enjoy!


To Whom It May Concern,

First and foremost, follow Tony Tremblay's "class Expectations" religiously!! I learned the hard way that these guidelines are there to simply help you, not make your life harder. Many of you will probably learn the hard way too.

Tremblay does expect a lot from you, but only because he is so dedicated to his students and his work. He only expects what he knows you can give, and that is 100%. He wouldn't push you if he didn't think that you could do it.

Success comes to those who work for it. And hard work is the key to success in Tremblay's class. Believe it or not it is a give and take relationship between you and your professor, and in this relationship you must give a lot! But in the end, you get back so much more than you gave. You not only have a better understanding of the 1006 course, but also a better view of the world in general. Tremblay's teachings will probe opinions and thoughts you never knew you had, and by completing this course he gives you the knowledge to apply your thoughts appropriately in your present world.

Hopefully you will leave this class with a whole new understanding of life. It sounds scary I'm sure, as if I've been brainwashed. But I assure you, I have not. It is an amazing feeling, this new understanding I have.

PS: Come to class on time

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