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Students wishing to enter the Minor, Major, or Honours Programme in French at
St. Thomas University must have completed grade 12 French (or the equivalent) with an
average of at least 75%.

Students with less than a 75% average on grade 12 French (or with French completed to the level of grade 11) and who wish to upgrade their knowledge of French to a level where they can be considered for a Major in French at St. Thomas University are encouraged to:

1. take intersession and/or summer session courses in French,
2. take a summer course in a French-speaking area (for which government bursaries are     available).

These options are designed to bring the students' knowledge of French to the required level for a Major in the shortest possible time.

Note that students who take French courses in programmes other than the ones offered
at St. Thomas may be assessed upon their return to St. Thomas University.

For further information, please contact the Chair of the Romance Languages Department
or the appropriate faculty adviser.

Junior Year Abroad

Students who wish to spend their junior year abroad or at another Canadian university will be required to take courses which correspond to those offered in one of the St.Thomas modules. They should, at all costs, avoid duplication of courses already taken. In addition, they should get advance approval for their planned programme of study from the Romance Languages Department Honours and majors committee in March of the year before their planned stay at another university. Students who take courses at another university may be required to take a placement or a test of language proficiency when they enrol or re-enrol at St. Thomas.

Certificate in French Language Proficiency

The Certificate in French Language Proficiency is available to any student studying French at
St. Thomas University. It is awarded automatically to any student enroled in a French Majors/Honours Programme and to any student who wishes to enrol in the Certificate
Programme itself who meets the following criteria:

1. the completion with a gpa of B+ in each of the three courses FREN 2316 Grammaire du français, FREN 2326 La composition, FREN 2336 La communication orale; and
2. the completion of a subsequent 6 credit-hour level 3 or 4 course or equivalent in French language or literature with a GPA of B+.

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