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Majors and Honours in Gender Studies
The university offers an interdisciplinary Major and an interdisciplinary Honours Programme in the area of gender studies. The gender studies committee, currently chaired by Dr. Peter Weeks, has identified faculty advisors who are available to serve as Programme Directors for students who wish to pursue such a course of studies:

Women’s Studies and Gender Studies Faculty
Dawne Clarke, MA, Sociology
Rosemary Clews, PhD, Social Work
Stewart Donovan, PhD, English
Suzanne Dudziak, PhD, Social Work
Cécilia Francis, PhD, French
Jeannette Gaudet, PhD, French
Tammy Greer, MA, Sociology
Sylvia Hale, PhD, Sociology
Nancy Higgins, PhD, Psychology
Jane Jenkins, PhD, Romance Languages, Science and Technology
Colm Kelly, PhD, Sociology
Laurel Lewey, MSW, Social Work
Gayle MacDonald, PhD, Sociology
Marylea MacDonald, PhD, French
Peter MacDonald, PhD, Sociology
Sara MacDonald, PhD, Political Science, Human Rights
Susan Machum, PhD, Sociology
Kathleen McConnell, PhD, English
Joan McFarland, PhD, Economics
John McKendy, PhD, Sociology
Adele Mueller, PhD, Sociology
Norma Jean Profitt, PhD, Social Work
Suzanne Prior, PhD, Psychology
Marilee Reimer, PhD, Sociology
Karen Robert, PhD, History
Ilkay Silk, English
Deborah van den Hoonaard, PhD, Gerontology
Peter Weeks, PhD, Sociology

Major in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies
A Major in Gender Studies consists of 36 credit hours of course work beyond the 1000 level. These consist mostly of the cross-listed courses below.

Honours in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies
An Honours in Gender Studies consists of 48 credit hours of courses beyond the 1000 level, of which 6 credit hours must be in theory or methods. In addition, an Honours thesis valued at 6 credit hours is required. These courses should include an Honours thesis seminar or workshop of 3 or 6 credit hours, depending on the discipline offering the course.

Minor in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies
A Minor in Gender Studies consists of 18 credit hours of Gender Studies courses taken from at least two disciplines. Although students must devise their own plans, the University has designated the following courses as appropriate for gender studies. The notation (GEND) appears after the titles of these courses as they appear in the description of courses for respective departments.

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