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Students with an interest in human rights may do a Major (36 credit hours) in this area provided they complete a second Major in any other subject area at St. Thomas. Students may also do a Minor in Human Rights.

The requirements for the Major are:

HMRT 2003 Introduction to Human Rights (This course is the required
prerequisite for all upper level courses in the Human Rights
HMRT 3013 Codes and Commissions
HMRT 3033/PHIL 3313 Philosophy of Human Rights
HMRT 3113 The Charter
HMRT 3123 International Human Rights
HMRT 4003 Research Seminar
HMRT 4013 Capstone Seminar

In addition, students must take 15 credit hours in electives. They must choose 3 credit hours from each of the following areas: social issues, law, philosophical foundations, institutions and applications. In addition, students are to take a fifth course from any of the above mentioned areas
a) Social Issues
ANTH 2533 Anthropology of Gender
ECON 2223 Political Economy of Women
HIST 3873 Immigrants in Canada 1870 - Present
HMRT 3053/RELG 3833 Human Rights and the Church
PSYC 4413 Seminar on Prejudice and Discrimination
PSYC 4483 Seminar in the Psychology of Women
SOCI 2416 Inequality in Society
SOCI 2443 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 2613 Sociology of Gender
SOCI 3413 Employment Equity Policy and Gender Inequality at Work

b) Law
CRIM 3113 Criminal Law and the Canadian Charter
ECON 3423 Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining
HMRT 3063 Humanitarian Law and Human Rights
NATI 3903 Native People and the Law I
NATI 3913 Native People and the Law II
NATI 3923 Aboriginal Rights: The Land Question
PSYC 4863 Seminar in Ethical Issues in Psychology
SOCI 3313 Sociology of Law
SOCI 3323 Sociology of Women and the Law

c) Philosophical Foundations
HMRT 3043 Human Rights in the Catholic Tradition
PHIL 2143 Contemporary Moral Philosophy
PHIL 2243 Current Issues in Ethics
PHIL 3533 St. Thomas: Law, Morality, Society
PHIL 3343 Human Nature, Society, Justice, and Law I
PHIL 3353 Human Nature, Society, Justice, and Law II
POLS 2806 The Western Tradition of Political Philosophy

d) Institutions and Application
HMRT 3073 Human Rights Internship
HMRT 3133 Human Rights and Non-governmental Organizations
HMRT 3506 Human Rights in International Relations and Foreign Policy (POLS)
POLS 1103 Law, Power, and Canadian Politics
POLS 1603 Law, Power, and Global Politics
POLS 3606 The United Nations

Students should consult with the Director of the Human Rights Programme to ensure that their programme meets all requirements.

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