Radio News - Journalism 3023

Tuesday - 7:00-10:00 pm
September 09, 2003 - December 2, 2003
Myfanwy Davies
458-1613 (Home)/(Cell):471-4727

"Radio News" will introduce students to the basics of radio storytelling. They will learn the elements of a compelling radio story, how to write for radio, how to conduct interviews, how to prepare and perform news stories for radio. Students will also learn about the work journalists do in a radio newsroom. They will listen to a lot of radio produced in Canada and around the World. The course will be a mix of listening, learning and doing.

Course Requirements:

Class assignments 35%
- assignments and discussion in class (15)
- Show and Tell Radio: Students bring in an example of radio from the internet to discuss in class(10)
- Pop Quizzes (10)

Prepare and perform one newscast at campus/community radio station C-H-S-R 10%
(Send an email to instructor to inform her when you are doing your newscast or make a tape)

Research, write, and conduct one interview for broadcast 15%

Prepare a news story for radio 15%

Work in a group to put together a thirty minute program 25%

The material you produce for this class will be available to C-H-S-R for broadcast.

Radio is based on deadlines so for every late day, you will lose marks. After 3 days you will get a failing grade.

All in-class assignments are to be handed in at the end of the class at 10:00 pm.

Listening Requirements:

Students should listen to CBC Radio 970 am in Fredericton or to newscasts on private radio and read a newspaper because there will be a pop quiz.

The text for this course is the CBC Radio News Style Guide. You can order it directly from CBC website for a cost of $20.00.

Check your email account for schedule and assignment changes


Sept 9 Introduction to Radio
Topics include:
Public/Private Radio
Radio Terminology

Sept 16
Introduction to C-H-S-R
Tour of the station and training sessions

Sept 23
Story Development
Finding Stories, Researching Stories, Focusing Stories

Sept 30
Writing for the Radio
In class writing assignment

Oct 7
The Interview
Gathering Tape

Oct 14
The Newscast
The Voicer

Oct 21
Covering news events
(news conferences, meetings, protests,)

In Class Assignment:
The News Conference

Oct 28
Working with Sound
Sound Editing

Nov 4
The Vet-Giving Feedback

Nov 18
Journalistic Policies and Ethics
The Elements of a Radio Program
Group planning sessions for Radio Program

Nov 25
Preparing and Packaging Program

Dec 3
Listening and Feedback Day