Journalism 3033
Print Journalism I: Telling the Stories of Today

Class schedule: Wednesday, 2:30 - 5:20 pm, HCH 200
Office hours: F 1:30-2:30 (or by appointment)
Instructor: Mark Leger
Phone: 506-651-3830

Course description:
All Journalism contains elements of news. Reporting the news of the day is at the heart of the journalistic tradition. This cou rse will focus on reporting the news in the print medium. Topics include how decisions are made about what stories a newspaper will cover, how to turn an announcement into a story, how to find sources for stories, how to tell stories that both cover the news and tell a compelling story. Class time will be devoted to guest speakers, field trips (legislature, city hall, et cetera), lectures, group discussions, writing and editing.

Reading material:
  • class handouts
  • daily newspapers

  • Three stories. Approximate length: 800 words (20 per cent each)
  • Final exam (30 percent)
  • Class participation (10 per cent)