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Honours in philosophy may be taken in accordance with general university and departmental regulations.

Students honouring in philosophy must include a minimum of 54 credit hours in philosophy in their programme of studies, among which must be:

  1. PHIL 1013 Introduction to Western Philosophy I
    PHIL 1023 Introduction to Western Philosophy II

  2. the equivalent of six (6) credit hours from among:
    PHIL 2213 Introduction to Moral Philosophy
    PHIL 2233 Contemporary Moral Philosophy
    PHIL 2243 Current Issues in Ethics

  3. the equivalent of twelve (12) credit hours from among:
    PHIL 2113 Classical Western Philosophy I
    PHIL 2123 Classical Western Philosophy II
    PHIL 2133 Medieval Christian Philosophy I
    PHIL 2143 Medieval Christian Philosophy II
    PHIL 2153 Modern Philosophy I
    PHIL 2163 Modern Philosophy II

  4. PHIL 2513 Introduction to Logic

  5. six credit hours from between:
    PHIL 4886 Honours Seminar
    PHIL 4996 Honours Thesis

Each student honouring or majoring in philosophy is required to choose a member of the department as Programme Adviser.