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"The unexamined life", said Socrates, one of the earliest and greatest Western philosophers, "is not worth living." In the two thousand years since his death, philosophy has engaged in the pursuit of 'examining life'. Philosophy does this by asking, and attempting to answer, important questions about human life. What, for example, makes our conduct right or wrong? How can we tell the difference between good and bad, just and unjust, beautiful and ugly? Are there any good reasons for thinking that there is - or isn't - a God, or a life after death? What sort of life is the kind of life really worth living? Using reason and logic rather than prejudice or unquestioning faith, philosophy reflects on such questions. By studying philosophy you can improve your ability to ask questions critically, to argue logically and to express your ideas clearly. St. Thomas University's philosophy department offers majors and honours programmes. You'll find a wide selection of courses in Greek, medieval and modern thought; legal and political philosophy; existentialism; humanism; and the Catholic tradition.