Rev. Marc E. Smith, CSC

Department of Philosophy
Professor (1970)
BA (UNB), STB (Gregorian), BTh (Ottawa), MA (UNB), PhD (Gregorian)

Courses Regularly Taught:

PHIL 1013 Introduction to Western Philosophy I and PHIL1023 Introduction to Western Philosophy II - An introduction, through readings, lecture and discussion, to the major questions of philosophy, and their treatment in various historical periods. Themes: the nature of reality; the nature of human being, and human knowledge; moral and political philosophy; the existence and nature of God. PHIL 1013, or the permission of the instructor, is normally a prerequisite for PHIL 1023. 3 credit hours each.

PHIL 2213 Introduction to Moral Philosophy - An examination, through readings, lectures and discussion, of some important attempts to ground ethical judgments. Themes: relativism; egoism; values and sentiment; values and consequences; the determination of duty. 3 credit hours.

PHIL 2243 Current Issues in Ethics - A discussion, through lectures and student presentations, of ethical theory through its application in the consideration of such contemporary issues as: pornography and censorship, euthanasia, abortion, punishment, justice and welfare, sexual and racial discrimination. Prerequisite: Phil 2213, or permission of the instructor. 3 credit hours.

PHIL 3413 God in Western Thought - A survey, through lectures, readings and discussion, of Western philosophical speculation regarding the divine. Themes: theism and atheism in classical antiquity; demonstrations of God's existence in medieval philosophy; the effect on religious belief of empiricism, idealism, Marxism and existentialism. Prerequisite: PHIL 1013 and 1023, or permission of the instructor. 3 credit hours.

PHIL 3423 Reason and Religion - A survey of issues and authors, both classical and contemporary, in the philosophy of religion. Consideration will be given to the following: defining religion, religious experience and faith, the problem of evil, the meaning of religious language, the question of life beyond death. Prerequisite: PHIL 1013and 1023 , or permission of the instructor. 3 credit hours.

PHIL 3433 Varieties of Religious Experience - An examination, through lecture, readings, and student presentations, of the American philosopher William James' religious philosophy, as found especially in The Varieties of Religious Experience; and of the sympathetic but critical counter-position offered by his Harvard colleague, Josiah Royce. Prerequisite: PHIL 1013 and 1023, or permission of the instructor. 3 credit hours.

PHIL 4723 Tutorial in Bernard Lonergan

RELG 3623 The God of Christians

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