PHIL 3763: Heidegger

In this course, we will engage in a close reading of Heidegger's Being and Time, arguably the most important and influential philosophical text of the 20th century. We will consider Heidegger's attempt to raise anew the urgent "question of Being", a question that has, in his view, been forgotten by contemporary philosophy and science. Specifically, we will examine how Heidegger's development of this question in Being and Time requires a radical reassessment of many of our most dearly held assumptions (for instance, assumptions about truth, human nature, knowledge and reality, freedom and responsibility, history and time).

Prerequisites: PHIL 3543 or permission of the instructor. Three credit hours.

Courses Regularly Taught:

Dr. James Gilbert-Walsh
PHIL 1013/1023: Introduction to Western Philosophy (1 and 2)
PHIL 2523: Introduction to Aesthetics
PHIL 3613: Kant
PHIL 3623: Hegel
PHIL 3543: Existentialism
PHIL 3653: Contemporary Continental Philosophy
PHIL 3763): Heidegger

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