Dr. James Gilbert-Walsh

Department of Philosophy
Assistant Professor (2001)
BA (St. Louis University), MA Ph.D (University of Toronto)

Holy Cross House 203
Phone (506) 460-0355
Email: jgilberw@stu.ca

Research Interests

  • 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy.
  • German Idealism.
  • The History of Ethical and Political Thought.


“Transcendental Exhaustion: Repeating Heidegger’s Fundamental Ontology” (Philosophy Today [forthcoming])

“Deconstruction as Narrative Interruption” (Interchange [forthcoming])

“The Use and Abuse of Ontology for Core Text Programs” (in Reforming Liberal Education and the Core after the 20th Century [University Press of America, forthcoming])

“Heidegger and the Essence of Communal Self-Assertion”(Telos [number 126, 2003])

“‘Poetry and People’ in Heidegger’s Germanien Lectures” (Philosophy Today [volume 47, number 5, 2003])

"Broken Imperatives: the Ethical Dimension of Nancy's Thought" in Philosophy and Social Criticism, Vol. 26, no. 2 (2000).

Translations of Jean-Luc Nancy's essays "La pensée dérobée", "L'indestructible" and "Le Katègorein de l'excès" in Finite Thinking (Stanford University Press 2003).

Translation of Jean-Luc Nancy's essay "Autour de la notion de communauté littéraire", forthcoming in Multiple Arts (Stanford University Press).

Review of Clio the Romantic Muse: Historicizing the Faculties in Germany by Theodore Ziolkowski (Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences [forthcoming]).

Courses Regularly Taught:

PHIL 1013/1023: Introduction to Western Philosophy (1 and 2)
PHIL 2523: Introduction to Aesthetics
PHIL 3613: Kant
PHIL 3623: Hegel
PHIL 3543: Existentialism
PHIL 3653: Contemporary Continental Philosophy
PHIL 3763): Heidegger

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