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Honours in Religious Studies

Graduate programmes in Religious Studies often require an Honours B.A. in the field. An Honours degree in Religious Studies requires a minimum of 54 credit hours in Religious Studies, of which 30 credit hours must be at the 3000 or 4000 level.

Required Courses:
RELG 1006 Introduction to Religious Studies
RELG 4003 Honours Research and Proposal (must be taken in the winter term of your third year)
RELG 3993 Religions Studies: Scope and Methods (enrolment for fourth-year students only)
RELG 4013 Honours Workshop
RELG 4026 Honours Thesis

and 3 credit hours of one of the following:
RELG 2313 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
RELG 2333 Introduction to the New Testament
RELG 2353 Introduction to the Qur'an

and 3 credit hours of one of the following:
RELG 2413 Ritual Studies I
RELG 2423 Ritual Studies II

Students are also required to select 6 credit hours in an area not in the student's main area of research.

Beginning in their second year, students will want to consult with a member of the Religious Studies department in planning their Honours Programme.

The department suggests that students intending to do graduate work in Religious Studies work towards a reading knowledge of French and German and of other languages – ancient and modern – appropriate to their intended area of study.

The Department requires a thesis. From among the members of the Department the student will select an advisor under whose guidance he/she will draft a proposal. The proposal will be presented to the Department for consideration and suggestions, normally in the spring term of the student’s next to final year of studies on completion of Relg 4003. The student will select two additional members of faculty (at least one of whom must be from the Religious Studies department) to complete his/her thesis committee. The thesis will be graded by the committee. A celebration at which the student’s work will be discussed by interested students and faculty will mark the successful completion of the thesis.