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Required Courses
for Application to Professional Years (3rd and 4th)

For the Academic Year 2004-2005

Applicants wishing to apply to the Professional Years of the Social Work Programme in 2005 must have taken at least one course from the following list in addition to the two Introductory Social Work Courses (ScWk 2013 and ScWk 2023).

Anth 2533 Women in Cross-cultural Perspective
Anth 3723 Human Ecology

Crim 2313 Introduction to Human Rights
Crim 2943 Victimology
Crim 4203 Peacemaking Criminology
Crim 4303 Hate Crimes

Econ 2203 Community Economic Development
Econ 2303 Women in the Third World
Econ 3333 Perspectives on Underdevelopment

Envs 2006 Intro to Environment and Society
Envs 3006 Policy and Praxis

Gend 2013 Introduction to Gender Studies

Gero 2023 Multidisciplinary Issues in Aging
Gero 2113 Sociology of Aging
Gero 2273 Death and Dying
Gero 2673 Adult Development and Aging
Gero 3023 Aging and Health
Gero 3073 Narrative Gerontology
Gero 3083 Gender and Aging
Gero 3103 Special Topic: Nursing Homes

Hist 2403 Social Movements That Have Changed the Modern World

Hmrt XXXX Citizenship and Citizenship Education: a Canadian Perspective
(Special Topics Course for Winter 2002)
Hmrt 2003 Introduction to Human Rights
Hmrt 3133 Human Rights and NGOs

Nati 2603 Roles of Native Women
Nati 3203 Native Philosophy

Nati 3223 Native Env. Ethics and Ecology

Nati 3313 Contemporary Issues in Native/non-native Relations
Nati 3603 Native People and the Colonial Experience

Phil 2213 Introduction to Moral Philosophy
Phil 2243 Current Issues in Ethics

Pols 1603 Law, Power and Global Politics

Psyc 2443 Environmental Psychology
Psyc 3713 Madness and Medicine

Relig 2513 Foundation of Christian Ethics
Relig 3523 Environmental Ethics
Relig 3653 Christianity &
Feminism in Conversation

Soci 2213 Society and Ecology
Soci 2313 Deviance
Soci 2416 Inequality and Society
Soci 2423 Social Problems I
Soci 2433 Social Problems II
Soci 2523 Sociology of Aging
Soci 2613 Sociology of Gender
Soci 2623 Women in the Third World
Soci 3323 Sociology of Women and Law
Soci 3333 Social Control and Social Justice

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