International Conference on Rural Human Services
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Keynote Presentations
   Dr Brian Cheers
   Dr. Richard Pugh

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Presentation Groups

Group Topic Presentations
A Violence & Abuse 1,2,6,16,19,34,54,91,93,94
B Aboriginal, First Nations Issues 13,30,40,48,67,74,77
C Health/Mental Health 4,36,60,62
D Women 25, 61,90
E Family and Youth 8,20,37,44,98
F Gerontology 7,24,29,47,49,59,73,95
G Retention of Rural Workers 3,58, 82
H Issues in Rural Practice 15,18,45,46, 57,85
J Comparative/Global Issues 17,86,87
K Case Studies 12,14,41, 43,63,72,76,89
L Community/Comm.Developt. 10,11,27,32,54,64,71
M Education for Rural Practice 53,75
N Narrative 22,28,33,38,39,79
O Practice Methods 5, 31, 68,84
P Schools 35,65,80,92
Q Religion/Spirituality 66,97