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   Dr. Richard Pugh

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What were some highlights of the RHS conference?

• Unique to have a rural focus
• Wonderful to meet people from other countries to compare issues, similarities and differences
• Thoughtful discussion
• Interesting people/papers
• The size was conducive to really meeting people.
• Excellent organization
• Dr. Cheers’ keynote
• Dr. Pugh’s keynote
• Meeting people
• Cuckoo Moon
• Wonderful presentations
• Great interaction

How would you like to continue the conversation on RHS beyond this conference?

• Similar conferences every few years
• Info exchange via email re: ongoing research projects or issues
• Read the journal
• Consider the next conference
• Email discussions
• Chat rooms

What words best summarize your experience?

• Unique, eye-opening, important
• Very positive space
• Professionally rewarding
• Educational
• Energized, included, stimulated
• Lots of exercise
• Impressive, informal, good-humoured

What improvements would you suggest for the next time?

• A longer conference – three days
• Would like people to stay for both days, not just one
• More inclusive catering
• Fewer presenters in each session