Soci. 4013
Senior Seminar: The Modern University

Theme: We attempt to analyze the nature of the modern university in this course. To this end we do several things: a brief comparative history of modern western universities; an examination of some of the main theoretical models inspiring modern universities, particularly that of Cardinal Newman's vision of an undergraduate liberal education on the one hand, and the German 'Humboldtian' model of the research university on the other hand; an examination of the main sociological approaches to understanding the modern university, primarily, the managerialist-functionalist approach, the political economy-marxian approach, and the approach of a number of thinkers associated with the contemporary French philosopher Jacques Derrida [sometimes called by their enemies "postmodernists"]; an examination of the stresses, strains and debates surrounding the university in Canada today, for example the debate about liberal education and about the cannon of great books, the increasing attempts to "corporatize" the university or make it the servant of big business, and the role of faculty unions.

Course structure: This is a seminar course. Class time will be taken up with discussion of assigned readings. As such, the quality of the course depends largely on how seriously you take it. I have set out a structure, but you have to take it from there. Of course, I will guide the discussion and help things alone, but what happens in class will depend on how well you do the regular readings. We may change the structure or the nature of the assignments as we go along, so be warned.

Classes will consist of discussion of assigned readings. You will also be required to hand in a 750 word mini-essay on one assigned reading per week.

Grading scheme:

Mini-essays: 50%
Participation: 20%
Final paper: 30%

If you miss one class you are docked 5%; 10% for two classes and 15% for three classes; more than three missed classes gets you an F. [This policy is in effect not to punish anyone, but because in a small seminar class the course will be destroyed if people do not attend.]

Main readings will be distributed in class for a $20 photocopy fee.


[This list is subject to modification as the course proceeds.]

History of the university:

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The 19th Century German Model of the University

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The modern multiversity:

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Functionalist/managerial approaches to the university:

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Criticizing the commercial university:

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Sociology / Faculty / STU HomepageMike Sosteric, Mike Gismondi and Gina Ratkovic 1998 "The University, Accountability, and Market Discipline in the late 1990's." Electronic Journal of Sociology. Http://

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The end of the university?

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Add George Grant........

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