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This programme examines science and technology from the perspectives of the humanities and the social sciences. This approach includes an examination along historical, ethical, social, legal and environmental dimensions. The first-year course, Introduction to Scientific Reasoning, is designed to prepare students to understand and evaluate scientific and mathematical information contained in news reports, magazines, scientific journals and in other University courses. It will introduce you to such key elements in the conceptual framework of science as theories, mathematical models, hypotheses, predictions and testing. Also available at the first-year level is the course Science, Technology and the Environment which explores such topics as: the human genome project, the effects of pollution and human development on bird migration, the effectiveness of the polygraph as it is used to detect lies, and the nature of scientific research in the Antarctic. The aim of this course is to prepare students to enter the debate over key issues by introducing them to the scientific research and mathematical models relevant to each topic. St. Thomas offers a major in Science and Technology Studies.