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  1. The President will inform the Department Chair/Programme Director of the teaching allocation for the upcoming academic year. (Article 4.02, part-time collective agreement)
  2. In preparation of the course timetable, the Department Chair/Programme Director will propose to the Vice-President Academic’s Office which courses the Department will be offering in the upcoming academic year. This list will identify which courses are being taught by full-time faculty members. The remaining courses on the list will be identified as available part-time openings.
  3. The Vice-President Academic will review the list of proposed part-time openings and verify that the list is consistent with the staffing allocation.
  4. The Vice-President Academic’s Office will forward the list of available part-time openings to the Human Resources Office.
  5. The Human Resources Office will post the list of available openings in the part-time office spaces and on the Human Resources Website. (Article 5.04, part-time collective agreement)
  6. Using the Seniority List, the Department Chair/Programme Director will notify the part-time faculty member with the most seniority in his/her department of the available courses for which that faculty member is deemed qualified and suitable to teach. The part-time faculty member with the most seniority may opt to teach up to 15 credit hours during the teaching year and 24 credit hours over the academic year. (Article 5.03.2, part-time collective agreement)
    Note: Chairs/Programme Directors will find the Seniority List on the Human Resources Webpage. This list is updated as soon as changes are received by Human Resources. A copy will be sent from the Vice-President Academic’s Office by October 31 to be used for all appointments issued after January 1 of the following year. (Article 5.03.6, part-time collective agreement)
  7. If there are still courses available within a Department/Programme after the part-time member with the most seniority has chosen the course(s) he/she would like to teach, the Chair/Director will offer the remaining course(s) to the next person on the seniority list. This process will continue until all available part-time courses have been assigned (Article 5.03.3, part-time collective agreement).
    ote: If the next person on the Seniority List is not deemed qualified to teach the course, the Chair/Director shall select the person with the highest seniority who is deemed qualified to teach the course. (Article 5.03.2, part-time collective agreement)
  8. Once the Chair/Director has determined which part-time faculty members should be offered contracts for the part-time positions, he/she will send the hiring recommendations to the Vice-President Academic’s Office. These recommendations should include the name of the course, the name of the part-time faculty member assigned to the course and, where appropriate, any reasons why the Seniority List was not followed (ie. the person with the most seniority was not deemed qualified or opted not to teach the course).
    In the event that no existing part-time member on the Seniority List is available or deemed qualified to teach the course, the Chair/Director will request that the Office of the Vice-President Academic authorize a search (Article 5.05, part-time collective agreement) for a new part-time appointment (Article 5.01 part-time collective agreement) according to the hiring procedures (Article 5.05.2 part-time collective agreement).
  9. The Vice-President Academic will send approved recommendations to the Human Resources Office.
  10. The Human Resources Office will prepare the contracts for the part-time faculty members.
  11. Once a part-time faculty member has returned a signed contract, the Human Resources Office will post the name of the person hired next to the course listing on the Human Resources webpage to signify that the position has been filled and will add the faculty member’s name to the timetable.

August 2, 2005