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Required payments must reach St. Thomas University no later than September 14, 2005. Students who have not arranged payment by this date will be subject to de-registration if they have not negotiated terms for late payment with the University’s Accounts Receivable Officer.

Payments can be made at any time prior to September 14. To avoid potential delays, students are encouraged to arrange payments before September if possible. If you are a New Brunswick student and have completed your application for a Canada Student Loan, you may pick up your loan document at the Registrar’s Office at any time as of August 22. All other students with a Canada Student Loan should verify the disbursement date which appears on the loan document. This is the earliest date on which the loan may be negotiated. It is expected that student loan representatives will be on site to facilitate the negotiation of your loan. Note that no loan document can be processed by the University unless the student has pre-registered in a minimum of 9 credit hours per term.

Payments may also be made through cheque, cash, money order, Visa or Mastercard. If payments are being made via mail, you should ensure it is mailed no later than September 7 to ensure it is posted to your student account by the September 14 deadline.

St. Thomas University now accepts tuition and residence payments online with Visa or Mastercard. Follow the link below and you will be directed to a secure online payment form:


Payments by credit card can be made via phone or fax to the following:

Business office: 506-452-0534, 506-460-0358

Registrar`s Office 506-452-0530

Fax: 506-452-0546

Required payments for September 2005 are as follows. Please select your appropriate category.

Tuition (including compulsory fees)**

Arts, Social Work, Journalism
International students


Double fees above

Tuition and residence (including meal plan and compulsory fees)**

Arts, Social Work, Journalism-residence double $6,000.00
International students-residence double $8,000.00
Arts, Social Work, Journalism-residence single
International students-residence single $9,000.00

**Note that the fees quoted above approximate 60% of fees for full academic year. Fees owing for January 2006 will be communicated to students via a statement of account in early December 2005. This statement will detail all fees and payments for the 2005-06 school year.