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Payment Deadlines January 2005

Payments for second semester are required by January 14, 2005. Statements mailed to your home address indicate the balance owing for January. Any discrepancies noted on this statement should be noted upon payment. Students who require an extension to this date in order to pay fees must contact Heather Arsenault at Financial Services in person to arrange an acceptable payment schedule.

Student loans may be negotiated as of January 3, 2005. Student loan representative will be on site to process loans as of that day for most students. Students from provinces which do not deal with the National Student Loan Centre will need to ensure their loans are sent to appropriate banks as designated by their home province. Note that no loan document can be processed by the University unless the student has registered in the minimum credit hours per term as defined by their home province.

Payments can also be made through cheque, cash, money order, debit, visa or mastercard.

Payments can be made by credit card via fax at 506-452-0546. Please ensure the following information is included: Student name and number, credit card number and expiry date, amount of payment, cardholder name and telephone number.

Effective January 3 to January 14, two stations will be set up at the University to process payments and student loans. Students with last names beginning A to L will process payments and student loans on the top floor of Martin Hall, Room 302 (Financial Services). Students with last names beginning M to Z should go to the Registrar’s Office on the Ground Floor of Martin Hall. After January 14, all payments should be directed to the Registrar’s Office.