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Faculty Awards

Excellence in Teaching
A call goes out to the University Community for nominations. A committee chaired by Alumni Affairs and including LTD representation evaluates the nominations. The successful candidate is announced at the May Convocation. The award winner has a photo unveiled after the annual faculty BBQ. The photo is on the wall in the entrance foyer of the Edmund Casey building.

Student Union Excellence in Teaching
Awarded by Students Union each year.

Merit Awards
Available for full time faculty. Up to two are awarded each year. A call goes out to the University Community for nominations. Awards are made for special merit in teaching or research. There is an emphasis on the previous year although an entire career is considered by the awards committee. The committee is chaired by Assistant Vice President (Research and Faculty Development) and membership includes faculty representatives on Board of Governors and a student representative. The award winners (if any) are announced at the May Convocation. The total cash value of all awards has a ceiling of $3000. Awards are for one year only and they are added to the PDA of the award winner (18.028, 1999-2003 Collective Agreement)

Course Releases
1.) The McCain Award gives release from a full course. It is administered through the Office of the Academic Vice President. Criteria change from time to time. In 2002-2003 the award was given to an applicant who was recommended for funding by a SSHRC committees but not actually funded (because the SSHRC budget was not large enough). Watch out for Calls for Applications.
2.) 3ch Course Releases. Criteria for these releases are described in the 1999 - 2003 Collective Agreement (See 17.08). Calls for Applications are made in the November competition. A second call is made in May if the releases have not been allocated.

Internal Grants
Check the Research pages of the Faculty Development web-site for information about internal research awards and awards for conference travel. Calls are made twice a year.
Check the LTD web-site for information about LTD awards.

Rosemary Clews
August 2003