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(Sections of 2003 - 2004 Collective Agreement in Brackets)


1. Employee formally applies to department chairperson by deadline (9.01)

2. Departmental committee reviews application, consults personal file, and has a month to submit the application and the departmental recommendation to CAS (Committee on Academic Staff) (9.02) This is the committee that makes recommendations to the President about promotion and tenure

3. CAS reviews evidence and consults personal file (9.031, 9.032). CAS may conduct a formal hearing for any application but it always has outside assessors and conducts a formal hearing for applications to Full Professor (9.033, 9034).

4. CAS makes recommendations in writing and submits them together with written statement provides the reasons for the recommendation to the president. A copy is sent to the candidate. This occurs by November 15th (renewal), December 15th (tenure) and April 30th (promotion).
Deadline extended by a month if a formal hearing occurs (9.035).

5. President makes decision within 30 days from date of recommendation by CAS (9.041).
Decisions are as follows: for promotion - granted or denied (8.031); for renewal (granted or denied (8.031); for tenure (granted, denied or deferred “no tenure decision shall be deferred for more than two years” 8.033). “The president shall not unreasonably reject a recommendation of the committee on academic staff” (9.042).


See Appendix B of Collective Agreement from which the material below is drawn. Please study the Collective Agreement carefully. The following is a general guide drawn from it. The Committee on Academic Staff will review the Statement of Minimum Standards for tenure or for each rank to ascertain whether faculty meet these standards. Therefore consider each item in turn. Often faculty write a letter or a summary and then have appendices that include evidence. The sections considered are as follows

1. Academic Credentials
Include your PhD certificate, and/or other relevant credentials

2. Length of Service
Include letters of appointment at STU and, if relevant, other universities

3. Teaching
A teaching portfolio is required. Consider carefully what to include. Note that for tenure and promotion to Assistant and Associate Professor “the candidate must establish that his or her teaching has been of good quality over the term of employment with the university.” The material that you submit is evaluated “for evidence of comprehensive preparation, use of current materials, theoretical competence and appropriately challenging character of courses.” There are six different categories of material listed that might be included. You may think of other evidence that does not fit into these 6 categories. If you have other relevant material, include it.
Contact LTD Officer, Chair of LTD committee or Assistant Vice President (Research) if you would like advice about what to include in a teaching portfolio. These people can put you in touch with others on campus with particular expertise in creating teaching portfolios. Check also the section on the Faculty Development web-site that relates to teaching.

4. Scholarly and Research Activity
For tenure or promotion to Assistant Professor or Associate Professor “in respect of scholarship and research, the candidate should submit an explanatory cover letter which outlines his/her plan for ongoing scholarly activity and other supporting documentation . . .” Note the documentation that might be included. CAS looks for “evidence of continual and consistent scholarly contribution at a level determined by CAS to be at the equivalent of two articles in refereed journals (one of them appearing within the preceding three years of service)” for tenure. There are different requirements for promotion, check Appendix B. Check also the section on the Faculty Development web-site that relates to research.

5. Service
Check the service requirement, also check the evidence that might be presented. All of this is in the Collective Agreement, Appendix B. The service section of the Faculty Development web-site
provides more information.


Appendix B requires the candidate to establish that:
“A. He or she is making significant and verifiable progress towards acquiring the credentials
required for conferral of tenure; and,
B That his or her teaching has been of a satisfactory quality.”
It is probably a good idea to go through the requirements for tenure and indicate your progress in
meeting each of the requirements. If you have met the each requirement already, provide evidence. If you haven’t met each requirement, explain how you intend to do so. It is a good idea to begin to develop your teaching portfolio, and submit it with your application for renewal.


Check with the current Chair of CAS, Chair of Department, or Assistant Vice President (research and Faculty Development). Read the Collective Agreement carefully. Most faculty who have been through the process or who have been a member of CAS will be prepared to give advice but check that there haven’t been changes in the Collective Agreement .

Rosemary Clews
August 2004