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R E S E A R C H   A N D   F A C U L T Y   D E V E L O P M E N T


See also Appendices in Collective Agreement, particularly Appendix E

“Faculty members are responsible for disseminating knowledge through effective teaching, for conducting research, scholarship or other creative work, and for participating in the governance, activities and work of the university”
(Article 22: 1999 - 2003 Collective Agreement)

1. “Perform duties adequately”.
2. If requested, produce Annual Report (Article 21 of Collective Agreement).
3. If on a tenure track position, produce a report that establishes that “he or she is making significant and verifiable progress towards acquiring the credentials required for tenure and that his or her teaching has been of a satisfactory standard.” by September 15th of 2nd year, prepare application for tenure by September 30th of 5th year (Article 9.01 of Collective Agreement).
4. Comply with conditions of any internal or external financial support.

See also Collective Agreement and STU web pages (Home page/ faculty,staff/research)

a.) All faculty
PDA, July 1st, (3% floor of Assistant Professor Level), Article 20 Collective Agreement

b.) Competitive Internal (Through Senate Research Committee)

Conferences- $10,000 a year is allocated
Senate Research Committee Awards 2 calls a year, May 1st and November 1st
Contributions up to $400 for travel between 750 and 2000kms each way,
and $700 for travel more than this distance
Application forms and guidelines on web, link from research site.
Special call for new faculty (conferences from commencement of position to December 31)

General Research Grants (Federal grant)- typically small seed funding up to $500. Two calls a year, May 1st and November 1st. Simple application form on the web
Research and conference funding - http://people.stu.ca/~LTD/index.html

Please note: Research involving human subjects requires approval from the REB, information about REB application procedures is available through the “research” page.

c.) Competitive External (Research)
SSHRC (http://www.sshrc.ca/) Standard Research Grants , Research Development Initiatives and Special Calls.
CIHR ( http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/index.shtml)(Canadian Institutes for Health Research)Grants
NSERC (http://www.nserc.ca/)(Natural Science and Engineering Research Council) Grants
(National success rates between 25% and 42%)
Other external funding - eg Industry, HRDC, CIC, Department of Canadian Heritage

Contact Rosemary Clews to discuss funding possibilities (clews@stu.ca)

Wallace and Margaret McCain Faculty Research Award, Full course release (Administered through VP office)
Half course release. For large research grants and funding concerns see details 17.081
Through recommendation of Senate Research Committee (17.082). At present, 3 credit hour course release to 4 faculty.
Reasons: preparation of application for external funding (2+ releases) preparing book or peer reviewed article (up to 1 each)
"Every effort will be made to allocate 50% of the course releases offered under 17.082 to faculty who have taught at St. Thomas fewer than four years."

Rosemary Clews (clews@stu.ca)
LTD Committee - Contact either Chair of LTD committee or LTD Officer
Periodic workshops and training opportunities
Jobs Programme - Contact Director of Student Affairs
Department chair, members, and secretary
Other faculty (see web pages)
Administrators (see web pages)

Rosemary Clews, August 2004