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Non-Senate STU Committees

President’s Advisory Committee on:

Campus Ministry
Chair, Catholic Theology
Chair, Gerontology
Chair, Native Studies
Co-operative Education
Social Work

Aquinas Programme Steering Committee
BAA-CJ Internal Advisory Committee (Criminal Justice)
BAAJ Internal Advisory Committee (Journalism)
BAAJ (Joint) Management Committee (Jounralism)
BAAG Internal Advisory Committee (Gerontology)
BAAG (Joint) Management Committee (Gerontology)
Employment Equity Committee
Guest Lecture Committee
Humanities 1003 Advisory Committee
Intersession Committee
Merit Award Committee
Occupational Health and Safety Committee
Pension Advisory Committee
Research Ethics Board
Standing Grievance Committee
Teaching Excellence Award Committee
Transition Year Programme (TYP) Advisory Committee
Website Advisory Committee
UNB Library Users Committee

If you are interested in learning more about any of these committees please let Rosemary Clews know (clews@stu.ca)