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Senate Committee Members, 2004-05-06
Each year faculty are asked to express an interest in serving on Senate Committees.
Selection to fill vacancies is made by the Nominating Committee.

Academic Planning Committee
Dr. Bradley Cross (05)
Dr. James Gilbert-Walsh (05)
Dr. Don Robinson (06)

Admissions and Academic Standing
Director of Admissions (ex officio)
Ms. Katrina Clouthier (05)
Dr. Kimberly Fenwick (06) Chair
Dr. David Mercer (06)
Prof. Brian Ouellette (05)
Registrar (ex officio)

Appointments to the Academic Staff
Dr. Rusty Bitterman (06) Chair
Dr. Barry Craig (06)
Dr. Santiago Mora (05)
Dr. Linda Turner (06)

Campus Planning
Mr. Bradley Clark (05)
Dr. Sylvia Hale (05)
Dr. Michael McGowan (05) Chair
Dr. Douglas Vipond (05)

Library Observer
Dr. John McKendy (05)
Dr. Sharon Murray (06)
Prof. Jonathan Rahn (06) Chair
Mr. Joel Rodgers (05)

Honorary Degree
Dr. Anthony Tremblay (05)
Ms. Emily Breen (05)

Joint Board-Senate
Dr. Colm Kelly (06)
Dr. Elizabeth McKim (06)
Ms. Nicole Smith (05)


Dr. Thomas Fish (05)
Dr. Joseph Masciulli (06)
Dr. Roger Moore (06)
Dr. Karen Robert (05)
Vice-President (Academic) Chair (ex officio)

President’s Advisory Committee on Information Technology
Dr. Russell Hunt (05)
Dr. Douglas McKenzie-Mohr (05)
Ms. Lori Beth Sheffield (05)

Asst. VP [Research] (ex officio) Chair
Dr. Cecilia Francis (05)
Dr. Michelle Lafrance (06)
Dr. Kathleen McConnell (06)
Dr. Karen Robert (06)

Student Academic Grievance
Dr. Tom Fish (05) Chair
Registrar (ex officio)
Dr. Sylvia Hale (Jan-June 05) Chair
Mr. Norman Haven (05)
Dr. David Mercer (06)
Prof. Karla O’Regan (06)

Teaching and Learning Development
Dr. Craig Proulx (06)
Dr. Julia Torrie (05)September 3, 2004
Dr. Andrea Schutz (05) Chair
Mr. Shawn Stevenson (05)
Learning and Teaching Development Officer (ex officio)