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The WebAdvisor online system will now accept final grades for 2004-2005 Semester 2 and full-year courses. Although you are able to begin submitting grades online at any time, the deadline for the submission of final grades for all students is noon Monday, April 25, 2005. This deadline is important for our review of candidates for May graduation, the selection of prize winners, and the recommendation of honours levels for graduates.


Information on the St. Thomas University grading system, including the definition of letter grades, is found on pages 246-249 of the current calendar.

Special Notes:

WF = Withdrawn (with failure)
This is a failing grade awarded to students who withdraw from courses after the deadline. It is also to be used for students whose names are on your grade roster and who have not withdrawn Aofficially.@ Students who withdrew properly through the Registrar's Office should not show on your WebAdvisor grade roster.

Student Missing from List
If a student does not appear on the WebAdvisor grade roster, please send a memo to the Registrar=s Office listing the course section, student's full names, ID number, and grade.

Withdrawal Dates
January 11, 2005 was the last day to withdraw from full-year courses without academic penalty.
February 18, 2005 was the last day to withdraw from second-semester courses without academic penalty.

Incomplete Grades
We would remind you that the awarding of an INC grade should be a rare rather than a common occurrence. It should only be awarded when the student has submitted a valid excuse and the appropriate make-up work and deadlines have been arranged in advance. Deadlines for submission of student work and faculty submission of grades are on page 249 of the calendar.


A WebAdvisor Information Booklet for Faculty is available at: http://www.stu.ca/webadvisor/faculty/index.htm

Obtaining a Valid Username and Password

If you have already accessed WebAdvisor in the past, you can skip this section.

Note: Username and Password are both case sensitive.

When accessing WebAdvisor, your username will be the same as your current STU email username. For initial sign-on to WebAdvisor, your password is the same PIN number that you use to access the UNB/STU library. When you enter this number as your password, you will be required immediately to change your password. Your new password must be 6 to 9 character in length and must include BOTH letters and numbers. Please choose a password that you will easily remember, and enter a password hint which will aid you in remembering your password.

If you are having difficulty accessing WebAdvisor with your username and password or have forgotten your password email webadvisor@stu.ca, using your STU email account ONLY, or ask your Departmental Assistant to contact a Datatel support person requesting the information for you. Please note that we cannot issue passwords over the phone. These are security features to ensure that no other person gains access to your account.

Once you have logged on, select AGrading@ to assign final grades. You will be required to select a term using the drop down boxes at the end of the field. For your convenience there will be only the current term available for selection in this field. Please select that term.
The courses that you are teaching will be displayed. At the top of this screen you must select whether you are grading Final Grades or Midterm/Intermediate Grades. This is a required entry. For this grading period, you should select Final Grades.
Select the course for which you wish to enter marks by clicking on the box to the far left of the course. Click Submit. Your class roster will now be displayed. Enter the mark for each student in the box after the student ID. Valid grades are A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D, F, WF, AUD, and INC.
If the student has registered to audit the course, enter a grade of AUD.

If you enter a grade of INC you must enter a date (yy/mm/dd) that will trigger the system to change the INC grade to a F grade. The date for the current term is as follows:

Full-year or Sem 2 courses: 05/07/15
NOTE: It is important to enter the INC expiration date in the correct format (yy/mm/dd).

After you have finished entering the grades for this class you must click on Submit. Once you have clicked on submit, students will be able to see those grades instantly on the Grades Function of the WebAdvisor for Students. Final grades will not appear on the Transcript Function of the WebAdvisor for Students until they have been verified by the Registrar=s Office.

Please note that the grade submission screen will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Grade Changes
Before final grades are verified by the Registrar=s Office you can make changes to your grades at any time using the Grading Function of WebAdvisor. Once the Registrar=s Office verifies these grades and posts them to the students= transcripts WebAdvisor will not let you make any further changes to those grades. Subsequent grade changes must be submitted to the Registrar=s Office in writing.

For Assistance
Issues regarding usernames and passwords should be emailed to webadvisor@stu.ca using your STU email account. For security reasons, we cannot release passwords over the phone.

For additional technical assistance, please contact your departmental assistant or our Datatel support officers, Debbie Allison (331) or Dave Canam (468).

30 March 2005
Registrar's Office