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The Senate shall have the duty and the power to control, regulate and determine the academic character of the University according to Christian principles and the mission of the University. Without restricting the generality of the foregoing. Senate shall have the duty and the power to:

  1. establish its own constitution and bylaws, which it may amend within its own authority;
  2. set the quorum for meetings of the Senate (see section IV. 3 on the quorum for special meetings);
  3. regulate the curriculum, the programmes of study and the courses of study of the University;
  4. establish the academic and other qualifications required of applicants for admission as students to the University or to any of its programmes of study;
  5. approve candidates for degrees in course, diplomas, certificates and honourary degrees;
  6. review and make recommendations on those financial matters of the University which pertain to the academic affairs of the University;
  7. approve the establishment of discontinuance of any faculty, programme of study, department, course of instruction, chair, fellowship, scholarship, bursary, or prize;
  8. regulate the awarding of fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, and prizes;
  9. determine, on appeal, the departmental membership of faculty members;
  10. control the academic content of the University calendar and provide for its preparation and publication;
  11. deal with matters referred to the Senate by departments as affecting these departments;
  12. appoint representatives of Senate (See Appendix B "Senate Representation");
  13. deal with matters referred to the Senate by the Board of Governors and make recommendations to the Board of Governors promoting the interests of the University;
  14. fix the terms of affiliation with other universities, colleges or other institutions of learning;
  15. make or amend any University rule or regulation concerning the academic affairs of the University, providing the rule or regulation so made or amended is consistent with the provisions of the Act incorporating St. Thomas University.