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The act to incorporate Saint Thomas' College, 1934 stated, "The President and professors of said college, appointed by the Board of Governors shall constitute the Faculty of the said College, who shall have the control and discipline of the students attending the College and shall prescribe and control the requirements for matriculation, the courses of study for undergraduates, the granting of degrees, and generally all matters relating to the educational work of the College."

At a meeting of the General Faculty October 31, 1968, it was resolved that "a Senate be set up with the President and Registrar as ex officio members with department heads and acting department heads of the seven group-areas as members, or where no heads exist, with a person elected from within the group area by its members." The senate minutes record that the resolution regarding the competence of Senate was voted upon and passed at a senate meeting, March 5, 1969.

Senate held its first meeting on December 4, 1968, with the President as chair and the Registrar as secretary. Since then the Senate has dealt with the internal academic matters of the University. Over the years of the membership has been expanded to include a wider representation of the University community, including the students.

The Senate is recognized under the bylaws (Section 9.01) of the Board of Governors of St. Thomas University, which make provision for the Senate and its composition and state that "to this body is entrusted the internal academic regulations of the University, subject to the approval of the Board."