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Senate Minutes

April 20 , 2004
Holy Cross House
7:00 p.m.

Members present: L. Batt, R. Clews, B. Cross, J. Gaudet, I. Fraser, J. Gilbert-Walsh, S. Hale, P. Lee, P. MacDonald, P. Malcolmson, C. McCormick, M. McGowan, S. Murray, R. Myers, S. Narine, D. O’Brien (Chair), T. Parkhill,
S. Reid-MacNevin, J. Rowcroft, D. van den Hoonaard

Regrets: S. deVink, E. McKim, J. Rahn, S. Rodriguez, M.E. Smith

Absent: K. Ampong, R. Chrisjohn, D. Gupta, P. Hawkins, N. Kinsella, M. MacDonald, P. Ouellette, D. Robinson, A. Secord, N. Seely

Dr. O’Brien called the meeting to order.

1. Agenda

Motion: That Senate adopt the agenda as circulated with the addition of the Debbie Nason Social Work Bursary.
Fraser:Myers. CARRIED.

2. Announcements

Dr. Myers announced that the MPHEC had approved the following programmes:

a) Bachelor of Arts Double Major “Great Ideas” and an already approved major,
b) Bachelor of Arts Double Major “Environment and Society” and an already approved major.

3. Minutes

Motion: That the minutes of the March 18, 2004 meeting be approved as circulated.

Cross:Hale. CARRIED.

4. Transition Provisions for Revised Programme in Anthropology

Motion: That Senate approve the transition provisions pertaining to the revised anthropology programme.
MacDonald:Batt. CARRIED.

5. Research Ethics Policy

Dr. O’Brien reported on the consultation process on the Research Ethics Policy. It was agreed that the topic could be considered at the next regular meeting.

6. CAAS Report

Motion: That Senate receive the CAAS report.
van den Hoonaard:Fraser. CARRIED.

7. Curriculum Committee

Motion: That Senate approve the April 20, 2004 curriculum committee report.

Myers:Murray. CARRIED.

8. Student Academic Conferences Grant Committee

Dr. Myers described the history of the proposed committee. Nominations were opened for two faculty members to serve on the committee.

Sharon Murray *  
Ian Nicholson *  
  * declared elected.

9. Debbie Nason Social Work Bursary

Motion: That Senate approve the Debbie Nason Social Work Bursary.
Batt:Parkhill. CARRIED.

10. Question Period

In a response to a question from Dr. Cross concerning the reference to 3000 students in the President’s Report 2002-2003, Dr. O’Brien indicated that there had been no change to our enrollment target. He noted that the figure of 3000 reflected the number of full-time and part-time students.

11. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Larry Batt, Secretary
April 21, 2004

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