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Senate Minutes

February 19, 2004
Holy Cross House
7:55 p.m.

Members present: L. Batt, R. Clews, B. Cross, S. deVink, J. Gaudet, I. Fraser, J. Gilbert-Walsh, S. Hale, A. Hewson, P. Lee, P. MacDonald, P. Malcolmson, M. MacDonald, C. McCormick, M. McGowan, E. McKim, R. Myers, S. Narine, D. O’Brien (Chair), J. Rahn, S. Rodriguez, J. Rowcroft, A. Secord, N. Seely, M. Smith, D. van den Hoonaard

Regrets: T. Parkhill, S. Reid-MacNevin

Absent: K. Ampong, R. Chrisjohn, D. Gupta, P. Hawkins, N. Kinsella, P. Ouellette, D. Robinson

After some discussion of the timing, Dr. O’Brien called the meeting to order to deal with the recommendations concerning the external review of the Department of Psychology.

The following motions were considered:


The department discontinue (for the Fall 2005) the current model of delivery for first-year Psychology (1013/1023); and consider new (or old) models of delivery, reconstitute the 3 hours of lecture time and, if possible, augment with computer-based delivery of tutorials in addition to the 3 hours of lecture.


The department review and re-structure the curriculum divisions to better reflect the discipline and the diversity of the department including new faculty in Bio-Psychology, History & Theory, Clinical, and Developmental.


1) The department increase the number of credits at the 3000 and/or 4000 level required for the major and/or increase the number of credits required for a Psychology major.

2) That consideration be given (either in the department or faculty wide to reviewing the number of credits required for the Honours degree track.

3) The department review its methods of disseminating information about the Honours program and invest funding into an improved and accessible department webpage.



The department reconsider their current approach for grading/evaluating the honours thesis.



The department reconsider its current approach instituting a comprehensive writing requirement in the methods course only and consider ways in which to make writing assignments more possible in upper-level courses.


The Department consult and have its course content reviewed in courses having a substantial independent learning component by a well respected expert in the use and development of such pedagogies.


1) The administration provide for part-time or shared dedicated administrative support (in addition to the secretary) to the Chair and for the hiring of a full-time technician for the department.


1) The university administration seriously re-consider the manner in which discharging of teaching schedules and responsibilities are assigned so that the Chair (and the faculty) are given more autonomy and choice in the teaching assignments.



The university (in concert with the union and other governance bodies) re-structure its course enrollment restriction policy and invite Psychology to structure its curriculum and implement a new course management system that will allow for a more equitable and appropriate balance in resources allocations across years 1-4 of the degree program by offering larger classes in Years 1 and 2 and smaller classes in Year 3 and 4.


The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Larry Batt, Secretary
February 23, 2004

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